I found the following info on line and would like your comments on them.   We know the antichrist will deceive many into thinking he is the Christ.   How accurate do you think the following events are? Would the two wars be in the proper order.    Thank you.

Antichrist counterfeiting prophesy
Antichrist arrives at end of a great war — Gog & Magog
Antichrist sets up era of peace under global dictatorship–New World Order/Beast System
Antichrist allows building of Third Jerusalem Temple
Christ arrives at end of a great war — Armageddon
Christ sets up an era of peace as ruler of the earth
Christ builds the millennium temple of Ezekiel 40
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I agree with all the statements below regarding what Christ will do, but I disagree with one of the statements about the antichrist’s role.
 It is my view that the antichrist (beast) system will reign for 42 months prior to the Gog-Magog war. Rev. 17’s prophecy about the beast system replacing our current “Babylon the Great” system mentions nothing like a Gog-Magog war occurring. I think the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38 is the Armageddon war of Rev. 16:12-18. The Gog-Magog nations are all “eastern nations” (as in Rev. 16:12), it is a global war (like Rev. 16:14) and it concludes with the Divine words “It is done” (compare Ezek. 39:8 and Rev. 16:17). Both Ezekiel 38:20 and Rev. 16:18 mention a massive earthquake as part of the Armageddon warfare.
I do agree the antichrist (beast) will appear to set up a global era of “peace” and may even proclaim a false millennium with himself as the Divine ruler. It is not clear to me whether the Jews will start building a new Temple and the antichrist/beast will co-opt it as his own or whether the antichrist (beast) will be the one to start the project.