Steven Collins
 May 24, 2008
In the print version of the May 19, 2008 Washington Times National Weekly Edition, Bill Gertz’s “Inside the Ring” column revealed that a second secret Chinese military bases has been discovered (see first link below). A previous blog discussed the “James Bond-like” secret Chinese submarine base on Hainan island that could accommodate an estimated 12 nuclear submarines. The second secret Chinese military base was discovered near Delingha in central China, and it revealed missile-launch capacities not previously known to be there. Gertz writes that the secret base was actually found on “GoogleEarth” photos, and that the new base had “…a significantly larger deployment area than previously known…different types of launch pads, command and control facilities, and missile deployment equipment…” 
With two secret Chinese military bases recently being discovered, it begs the question: “How many more secret bases does China have that the USA and the West have not yet discovered?” Obviously, the fact that secret military bases are being built in China confirms that western estimates of Chinese military spending are far too low. China is rapidly building up its military in ways not revealed to the West. A previous blog also noted the secret Russian facility/base built into the Ural Mountains, the contents of which Russia is not revealing to the West. Russia and China both are well-aware that the USA depends mostly on electronic intelligence for its information, so they are building key facilities under and inside of mountains to prevent western spy satellites from knowing about such facilities. Given China’s massive internal building and infrastructure projects, it would not be difficult to hide secret military facilities from western eyes. If I were running China’s military concealment program, I’d mask military facilities by building them inside legitimate civilian projects after the roofs were on the projects so western satellites would be oblivious to what was going on.
Also, a story at the Herald Tribune website (see second link) revealed that Communist China has heavily penetrated US intelligence systems. The FBI indicated that “China has counterfeited Cisco Systems network routers” and “the scope of the Chinese counterfeit equipment may extend beyond routers to include switches, gigabit interface converters, WAN interface cards…and fake IT equipment such as PCs and printers.” The FBI revealed about 400 counterfeit Cisco systems were found. Obviously, these counterfeit Chinese systems will be equipped with hidden “back-doors” so China’s intelligence services can read, copy or access whatever US governmental or corporate entity place on these faked Chinese systems. China could also have electronic access to critical US systems which they could disable or shut down in a future US-Chinese war. US governmental agencies and private entities that were known to have obtained the fake Chinese systems include the US Naval Academy, US Naval Air Warfare Center, US Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Bonneville Power Administration, the General Services Administration, defense contractor, Raytheon, etc. Given China’s previously-documented goals in sinking US aircraft carriers with Russian supersonic cruise missiles fired from Chinese submarines, and given the fact that it is known that Chinese submarines have already stalked US carriers, it is not surprising to see that Chinese intelligence services made special efforts to have their fake computer systems placed in sensitive US military facilities dealing with US naval capacities.
The third link below has a very detailed examination of the massive and pervasive Chinese penetration of American public and private IT systems. Those of you who are IT specialists will benefit the most from the details of this story (which gives examples and pictures of how to differentiate between valid and compromised Chinese IT equipment). The story reports “near-panic in nearly all corners of government security,” and describes the successful Chinese penetration of many key governmental and private computer systems as a “catastrophic meltdown of security.” One does wonder sometime, if anyone in Washington, DC is “minding the store.” Clearly, the American public is not being told in order to avoid a panic. Also, the politicians don’t want the voters to realize how incompetently their interests are being protected.
Given the massive evidence of Chinese (and Russian) preparations for warfare against the USA and the Western world, a person would have to be truly blind or gullible to not see that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is being prepared for fulfillment in the years ahead of us. That prophecy (which is about 2500 years old) revealed that at the very end of our age, an alliance of Russia, China, Iran and other nations would attack the USA, the European nations and the western world in a surprise attack which will lead to Divine intervention (Ezekiel 38:20 shows that God’s “presence” will come to the earth and he will slay 5/6ths of the attacking nations). This is the same Divine intervention at the end of our age prophesied in Joel 2, Matthew 24, Revelation 19, etc. For much greater detail about the sequence of events that will end our current age, readers are invited to check out my free report “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” available at the articles link at this website on the subject of prophecy. For more details about how Ezekiel 38 identifies the alliance of the western world as the target of this prophesied attack, various articles and blogs can be reviewed (please use the search function to locate topics about the USA, NATO, Japan, India, Turkey,. etc.).
Modern Christianity has only superficially understood Ezekiel 38. Most Christians have no problem seeing that Russia heads the Gog-Magog alliance and that the time setting for this attack is the latter days of our age. However, most Christians see the targets of this attack (“Israel,” “the house of Israel,” and, apparently, “Tarshish, Sheba and Dedan and the young lions”) and somehow think the Israelis are the target. The Jewish Israeli nation is called “Judah” in prophecy (see Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14), NOT “Israel.” “Judah” is not mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39. The term “Israel” means the latter-day descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. who were prophesied to be rich and powerful nations with large populations, and the name of Isaac (the modern form is “Saxon”) upon some of them. The major tribes of Israel (the brother tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh) would be a large company of nations and a single great nation. Expect these major Israelite nations to have a common culture, language and a “special relationship” due to the fact they are brother tribes. Those thinking that this describes the USA and the British nations can “go to the head of the class.” Many Christians have falsely believed that biblical prophecy doesn’t mention the USA. They are wrong. Once one understands who the ten tribes of Israel are in the modern world, the identification is easy.
Those who have read my books detailing the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel are now keenly aware of how God’s hand is shaping (and has always shaped) the destinies of nations. If you wish to join those who understand how God has fulfilled all his biblical prophecies over the millennia about the ten tribes, I urge you to order the books at the book links at this website. Or you can go directly to the publisher’s website at to order them on-line.