From a reader:

Dear Mr. Collins-

I just had to contact you. For the past few months I have been asking the Holy Spirit to show me the truth of end time prophecy. He had begun to show me the very scriptures you pointed out in Ezekiel, Joel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. Also leading me to the notion of Ephraim and Menassah,the lost tribes of Israel.

I was very unsure of what this all meant, and what specifically Yeshuah was trying to show me. I am far from scholarly, in the study of God’s word. But have been brought out of much wrong teaching, and have asked the Holy Spirit to bring me fully out of deception, that I might know the truth.

I asked many specific questions about Ephraim and Mannasah. Being a regular listener of trunews, I was beyond blessed when I heard your interview with Rick, and so much of what the Holy Spirit has eluded to me, had been made clear.

After going to your website and reading more in depth your articles, I felt the Holy Spirit upon me as my eyes were opened completely, and I knew I was reading the truth of God’s word, interpreted correctly, for the first time. The Lord had answered my request to be shown the truth.

May the Lord bless you as you use the gifts and knowledge He has given you to open the eyes of many. May He give you many more opportunities to share these truths with others. For the first time in my 15 year walk with Yehshua, I now see the scriptures in the way they should be understood. Some of what you teach concerning the churches and Yehshuas’s warning to all christians, had already been revealed to me. Yet I have never seen it presented in any other church, by any other teacher, as the Holy Spirit showed it to me personally, except by you.

I pray you continue in what the Lord has called you to, and I want you to know I stayed up til 5am, devouring your website. I have always watched and prayed,but a new fire has been lit in my heart tonight because of the clarity the Lord has given me through you.

I want you to know i will be praying for you.

In His Love-


My response:


Thank you very much for your email which expressed such positive benefits from listening to my interview on and by reading the materials at my website. It is remarkable that someone would stay up till 5 AM reading the material at my website to absorb it all!