In an August 17th blog, I commented about Iran’s destruction of its pre-Islamic archaeological sites. This destruction includes the loss of many important sites dating to the time of the Parthian Empire (which dated from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD). Another large Parthian fortress site is now also facing destruction due to willful destruction or neglect by Iranian authorities.

As readers of my books and blogs know, the Parthian Empire was dominated by the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who rose to rule over their captor nations centuries after they went into captivity. This fulfilled a prophecy in Isaiah 14:2 wherein God promised that the ten tribes would rise to prominence and rule over the empires that took or had held them captive (Assyria, Babylon and Persia). Hosea 1:10 also prophesied the ten tribes would become exceedingly numerous after they went into exile, and that certainly had come to pass by the time of the powerful Parthian Empire. If you did not read my August 17th blog, you can scroll back and refer to it for more information about the Parthian Empire.

The link below documents the destruction of this new (and large) Parthian fortress site. This link below is also noteworthy as it has an aerial view of the Parthian fortress so one can get an idea of how large and impressive this ancient Parthian fortress city really was!

The crawler at my homepage offers a free glimpse at about 28 pages of my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. This segment of my book includes a detailed description of the visit of the Wise Men/Magi whose visit to Jerusalem to find Jesus Christ as a young child is described in Matthew 2. I do not know what period of the Parthian Empire the particular Parthian fortress discussed in the link below dates to, but if it was in existence about 2,000 years ago during the midpoint of the Parthian Empire, there is a distinct possibility that this Parthian fortress was known to the very Wise Men/Magi who are discussed in Matthew 2! I would love to have seen this Parthian fortress in its glory days! Its ruins are still impressive in this link’s photographs. Indeed, this link calls this Parthian fortress as “one of the most significant archaeological sites in Iran.” Amazingly, the world knows almost nothing about this ancient Parthian city or the once-mighty ancient Israelite Empire of Parthia. As historians have noted, the Parthian empire was as powerful as the Roman Empire and Roman armies usually lost their wars against Parthia. You can learn more about my book on Parthia by clicking on the “books” link at the homepage. If you know of friends who enjoy the topics of ancient history or biblical history, please let them know about my books and this website.