Early this year, I did a blog post about an Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated in an attack by an unknown assailant. The “unknown assailants” have struck again…twice. The first two links below [1, 2] report that two Iranian nuclear scientists were targeted by assassins in near-simultaneous attacks by agents on motorcycles who attached bombs to the cars of the scientists in Tehran automobile traffic. The “unknown assailants” got away easily without being caught (which infers a very sophisticated attack by nation states).

There is a war going on behind the scenes and these assassinations are just the latest visible example of it. Iran has declared it will “wipe Israel off the map,” and it is feverishly trying to obtain nuclear weapons to do exactly that. The Israelis have no intention of going extinct at the hands of Iran so they have every right and motive to stop the Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons.  The USA, likely acting in the interests of its corporate elites, knows it would be very bad for business to have a war erupt in the Mideast which annihilated several nations and left the oil fields too radioactive to be functional, also wants to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Therefore, the Israeli and American interests converge to make sure Iran does not get “the bomb” in any deliverable manner.

Iran has blamed the USA and the Israelis for the death of one of its top nuclear scientists and the wounding of a second such scientist (who survived the attack on his car). Iran is very likely right, but it cannot prove a thing. These latest attacks vs. Iranian nuclear scientists come on the heels of the Stuxnet computer “bomb” which was inserted into the  computers which support Iran’s nuclear programs. After previous denials, Iran now admits the Stuxnet computer worm has infected its nuclear-related computers. The Stuxnet attack and the attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists reveal, in my opinion, that the USA and the Israelis are doing everything they can short of open war to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Such measures “buy time” to try every possible way to avoid an open military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, which would almost certainly lead to a wider war, waves of Iranian-instigated Hezbollah terrorist attacks inside the USA and Europe, global disruptions in the oil and financial markets, etc. Whoever is doing these attacks vs. Iranian scientists is also sending a message that it is very hazardous to one’s health to work in the top echelons of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The above-reported assassinations and the Stuxnet attack are what is publicly known. Who knows how many other assassinations and actions have taken place without any public awareness?

However, the USA and Israel are not the only possible players in the efforts to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. A previous blog post months ago documented that Israeli intelligence leaders are working with top intelligence officials in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan (all Sunni Moslem nations). The Sunni/Arab nations have no desire to see Iranian (“Persian”) Shiites become dominant in the Mideast. Agents of the Sunni Arab nations would be especially able to come and go within Iran as they are Islamic and would blend in well in an Islamic nation. Media reports about the Stuxnet worm reported that it was targeted toward large computer systems furnished to Iran by Germany (a NATO nation). Might the German intelligence agency have provided the computer access codes to help others target those German-made computer systems within Iran’s nuclear facilities? Some media reports also fingered possible Russian agents as inserting the Stuxnet worm into Iran’s computers via portable computer devices as only Russians were apparently allowed within the secured nuclear facilities with the Iranians. Did Russia decide that Iran is too much of a “loose cannon” to be allowed to have nukes? There are many nations which don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons.

Of course, there is always the risk that Iran might become impatient in its desire to “wipe Israel off the map” and simply launch a conventional war against Israeli and American interests via Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas and perhaps its budding new ally—Turkey? Iran might figure that if Turkey fights on its side, it can win a conventional war against Israel. This is not a wild conjecture. The third link below reports that Turkey’s Prime Minister strongly hinted that Turkey will fight on the side of Hezbollah and Syria if war breaks out with Israel. This statement affirms that Turkey has left NATO in all but name. I think one thing is very predictable. If a conventional war breaks out and Turkey joins the Iranian-Hezbollah-Syrian axis, it will not stay a conventional war very long. Israeli nukes would be used to make sure the Israelis not only survive, but win such a war so decisively that no one will attack it again. If the war stays a conventional one, we may see Sunni Arab nations openly fighting on the same side as Israel against Iran and its allies. The Arabs have long memories and they do not want to ever again be dominated or ruled by Persians or Turks.

There is one thing which is absolutely certain. The Israeli nation will not be “wiped off the map.” It was founded as a fulfillment of the biblical prophecy in Zephaniah 2 that the Jews (“Judah”) would have a nation in the old Promised Land just before the end of this age. Zechariah 12:1-6 also prophesy that God has Divinely guaranteed the survival of the Israeli nation in the latter days. Zechariah 14:1-4 reveal that Divine intervention in human affairs will occur to prevent the city of Jerusalem from falling to its attackers at the very end of this age. God is monitoring human events very carefully to make sure none of his biblical prophecies fail to come to pass (Isaiah 41:21-26). The nation of Israel will survive. That brings up one last thought: The nations which conspire to attack the Israelis have no Divine guarantee that they will survive the latter days.