looks like another ezekiel player is lining up with russia









Dear Al,


The breach between Israel and Turkey is a very serious one. However, the Israelis had no choice but to act against Hamas after it fired so many thousands of rockets and mortar rounds into Israel during recent years. It appears that the Israelis are trying to eliminate Hamas as a cohesive fighting force in order to ensure that the Israelis do not have to face a two-front war in the future against Hezbollah and Hamas (both are Iranian proxies).


It remains to be seen if Turkey will slip into Russia’s “Gog-Magog” alliance. I see Turkey as a nation of modern Edom and Edom is not listed as one of the nations that will comprise Russia’s allies. The Debka link you sent also indicated that some of this breach is due to the personal anger of Turkey’s current leader. Since Turkey is a NATO ally, it seems unlikely that Turkey will desert NATO, but if it did, it would be a severe blow to the western alliance. However, it is possible that Turkey could remain a NATO ally but cool its relationship with the Israelis. Turkey has a very strategic position geographically, so its future course is vital to watch.