In this post, I am announcing to the readers of this blog that I will be taking a medically-advised hiatus from posting for a temporary, but indeterminate period of time. The current program being implemented with medical guidance is to have a one-month hiatus and then re-evaluate the issue at that point. In recent years, I have had a worsening problem with carpal tunnel syndrome which causes pain and impairment in the wrists and hands due to repetitive movements of the hand. Since I have literally done millions of keystrokes with my hands over the last 35 years in writing 5 printed books, one E-book, many articles and speeches (some of which are available at my home page), approximately 1000 posts over the last 14 years, countless emails, etc. it is unsurprising that I have developed this syndrome due to decades of “repetitive movements” on a keyboard.

During the last year, the condition has steadily worsened and it cannot be ignored any longer. I have consulted two doctors about it and both are in agreement that current health/medical considerations mandate that I take this hiatus from writing. Not only will I have a hiatus from blogging, but I will reduce my responses to emails to give maximum rest to my hands. Hopefully, with enough rest, my hands and wrists will recover without having to resort to surgery on both hands. My hands are suffering functional problems as well as pain in the writing process. I’ll offer some examples. My left hand’s fingers type the keyboard in a different order than my brain tells them to so what appears on the screen looks dyslexic in initial drafts of documents. My right hand is so painful that sometimes I can barely pick up and hold a pen, and my handwriting is nearly illegible due to this condition. Basically, from my elbows down to my fingertips there are problems, but the above examples will suffice to explain the current situation.

While some persons would opt for surgery at this point, I’m going to try other treatments to avoid it. Surgery on both hands would have to be done one hand at a time with a period of recovery and rehab after each hand’s surgery. Realistically, that could take months away from blogging. My doctors agree that I should take one month off with as much rest as I can give my hands, fingers and forearms. I’ll use a portable TENS unit daily and also get regular spa treatments for my hands. I’ll continue trigger-point massage therapy. I’m also using a magnesium-infused spray which is massaged into the tissues–kind of an Epsom Salts bath for my forearms without the water. If at the end of one month there is unsatisfactory progress, I can be given an injection (a steroid I assume) into both wrists/hands that may give relief “for months.” Choosing this option allows for possible healing and a shorter time away from blogging than surgery would require. I intend to begin the month’s rest for my hands effective immediately. I’m posting this update so readers of my blog will understand why there will be a pause in my blogging schedule. Hopefully, this course of treatment will be effective and I will be able to avoid surgeries on both hands. Surgical options would necessarily result in a longer blogging hiatus.

As long-time readers of my blog know, I face other health challenges besides carpal-tunnel syndrome. Due to three major injuries in my life, I live with a variety of chronic neuro-muscular pains. Sciatic nerve pain when sitting for extended periods of time (at a computer, in a car, etc.) is one of them. As a person of faith who believes in the power of prayer, I solicit your prayers that God will heal the above problems and improve my overall health so I can resume blogging without an overly-long hiatus. This carpal-tunnel problem has been years in the making, so I hope and pray that a month’s rest will be sufficient to resolve the problem.

In case anyone is wondering, my website will remain fully functional on the internet. All links will remain active: visitors can listen to audio messages, read the articles and previous posts during this hiatus. There is a great deal of information available at my website that many have likely not read yet. The Prophecy Blog tab at my homepage leads to recent posts and a search feature where readers can access my blog archives to find past posts on any subject of interest. Over the last 14 years, I’ve written so many posts on prophetic, historical and doctrinal subjects that you may find past posts that do address a topic of interest to you. All book orders placed at my website will be fulfilled so anyone desiring to order books can do so with the assurance that ordered books will be shipped promptly. I’ll also mention that I reserve the right to place new posts on the website at any time if there are major prophetic fulfillments that urgently require notice and commentary.

Obviously, a website still has fixed costs in spite of any blogging hiatus. For those who donate $25 or more in September to support my website’s presence on the Internet, I will send out my Bonus Links with commentary about the new links we well as a personal update at the end of September. Since my writing hiatus will obviously extend into October, the same will apply for all October donations. Thank you very much to those who choose to be donors to help support my website’s presence on the Internet. If my site was not on the Internet, it would be difficult to find any comprehensive information about what happened to the ten tribes of Israel throughout history as well as locating their current locations and what these truths mean for the fulfillment of latter-day biblical prophecies. Your donations help keep that information available to the general public. Your donations and prayer support are greatly appreciated! May God richly bless you!

Until next time…