Steven Collins
August 30, 2007
In our modern world where the teaching of evolution is widespread, most people assume that ancient civilizations were crude and primitive. However, the stunning mathematical accuracy obviously built into the Egyptian pyramids and other ancient constructions and artifacts confirm that very ancient people were capable of extraordinary mathematical calculations. This is shown not only in such artifacts as the Egyptian pyramids, but also in the ability of ancient civilizations to accurately predict lunar and solar eclipses. This required a considerable knowledge of mathematics and astrophysical realities.
This short video was sent to me by a reader of my website, and it worth passing on to readers of this blog. It explains how the ancient Egyptians (and others) used mathematical relationships to accurately do complex multiplication and division operations. They did not use the laborious “long division” techniques we learned in school. As the video presentation notes, ancient civilizations used mathematical techniques similar to those used in our modern computers.
It appears that when modern mankind invented and refined the use of the computer, we were actually “catching up” to how ancient civilization did mathematical operations. Think about the implications of this fact!