Recently, a post of mine indicated that the Israelis and Saudis were forming a closer alliance against the Iranians due to both Saudi Arabia and the Israelis being ever-more threatened by Iran and its nuclear weapons program. Some internet links have reported the Saudis are feeling so threatened by Iran that they are about to take delivery of nuclear weapons from the inventory of Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile.
The first two links [1, 2] report that this Israeli-Saudi alliance vs. Iran is coming together quickly. According to one diplomatic source, the Saudis have already offered the use of Saudi airspace, Saudi rescue helicopters and drones as well as Saudi in-flight refueling to Israeli warplanes if they make an attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities. Indeed, there is a report that the Saudis have offered the Israelis “all the help it needs”  to make this attack against Iran happen. The first link adds that the Saudis may not be the only Sunni Moslem nation ready to join the Israelis in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
It may be that the only thing holding off an Israeli-Saudi attack vs. Iran may be the reluctance of France to join the other western nations in succumbing to Iran’s Pied Piper-like “charm offensive” which offers little in the way of any real concessions on Iran’s part. Indeed, Leon Panetta, who formerly served as Obama’s Defense Secretary and CIA Chief, is cited in the third link as warning that Obama is being “played” by Iran. I agree with Panetta.
The Mideast is not far from the outbreak of a major war. As I’ve been indicating here for some time, such a Mideast war would likely see the emergence of a new alliance (the Saudis, the Israelis, the Jordanians, the Egyptians, etc.) in the Mideast to block Iran’s nuclear and expansionist intentions. These links certainly seem to confirm that this new alliance is developing. The USA is increasingly being squeezed out of the Mideast’s future as none of the nations there can trust the USA’s words or actions as long as Obama is president. Obama has alienated too many nations to be trusted by any of them. The Saudis are reported to be “furious” at Obama and the USA. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has now further eroded any remaining trust that the Israelis may have had toward the Americans by making a major gaffe in which Kerry seemed to encourage another Palestinian armed uprising against Israel if the Israelis don’t give the Palestinians what they want (see fourth link).
If a wider Mideast war breaks out, it will be difficult to contain it to a mere attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. It is very possible that Iran will retaliate against the Israelis (via a Hezbollah missile barrage vs. Israeli targets) and against the Saudis (via cruise missile attacks across the Persian Gulf). That could severely disrupt global oil markets, skyrocket the price of oil [which would benefit energy-rich Russia] and could even collapse the US petrodollar market for oil. An open Sunni Arab vs. Shiite Persian war could occur in the Mideast. Shiite-Sunni bombings and killings are occurring regularly in Iraq. Even in Pakistan, Shiite Moslems recently murdered Sunni Moslems (see last link).
There is much at stake in what is now happening in the Mideast and in the negotiations between the western powers and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program. There is a very real danger that if the western powers “cave” to Iran’s demands to continue its nuclear program, it will trigger the very war that they ostensibly are trying to prevent.
The following is simply speculation on my part about future possibilities. If the Israelis, Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and other Sunni Moslem nations become allies in a regional war against Iran, Hezbollah, Assad’s Syrian regime, Hamas, etc., it may lead to a grand bargain in which the USA and the West are squeezed out of the Mideast peace negotiations and the Mideast nations reach their own agreement among themselves over many issues. Perhaps a Palestinian “state” would come into existence in which Gaza would be “supervised” by the Egyptian military and the Palestinian West Bank would be “supervised” by Jordanian and Saudi troops. The Palestinian state would be ordered by the Sunni Moslem nations to recognize the Israeli nation and accept the “temporary” supervision of Sunni Moslem troops acceptable to the Israeli government. The Israeli right-wing parties might be persuaded to make some unexpected concessions to Sunni Moslem nations on some matters if a third Jewish temple were allowed by all parties to be built on the Temple Mount as part of a Mideast grand bargain. Biblical prophecies do indicate a Temple will either be built or will be in the process of being constructed in the latter days. Something has to happen to make that possible politically. Keep in mind I’m making no prophecies here, but an Israeli-Sunni Moslem alliance vs. Iran may be one way a political context could develop which would make such a Temple possible. After all, the Israelis/Jews are descendants of Abraham via Isaac as one of the modern tribes of Israel. The Sunni Moslem Arabs are also descendants of Abraham via Ishmael. Perhaps these sons of Abraham will form a common alliance vs. a common enemy (Iran/Persia and its Mideast proxies) in the latter days.
My thanks to a reader for sending me one of the links below.