Recent media reports have warned that Iran intends to send a warship to a position just off the USA’s coast (see CNN link and FOX News link below). At first glance, one might think that one such Iranian ship might not be much of a threat to the USA. Iran also has little experience in operating a blue-water navy, and it will have to arrange for ports-of-call and replenishment and refueling options for any such ship stationed just off US waters. I think it would easily obtain support from Cuban or Venezuelan ports, but it takes time to set up such arrangements.

The third link, from the LA Times, discounts the Iranian threat with the statement: “It is preposterous to think that the American mainland is under some form of military threat by Iran,” [and adds…] “The Iranian admiral may bark, but he doesn’t have much of a bite.” The author of this article clearly “doesn’t get it” concerning the nature of the Iranian threat. That one Iranian ship could cause tens of millions of deaths in the eastern USA…with one special kind of missile. That special kind of missile was successfully flight-tested over the Caspian Sea by the Iranian military years ago (see fourth link and fifth link). If the Iranian warship coming near to the US coastline has missiles with EMP warheads on them, it represents a far greater threat than if it had Hiroshima-type nuclear weapons to shoot at the USA.

Many Americans still don’t realize how vulnerable our nation is to an EMP attack by terrorists, nation states or rogue actors. It is a major failure of the US government that it hadn’t enacted a major campaign years ago to warn American citizens about this threat and that major efforts are not underway in every industry and every city to prepare for this type of attack. Put simply, an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) warhead, if detonated at a high altitude, will “fry” all electric/electronic/solid state/computerized equipment within all areas on the ground in the line of sight of the pulse the explosion would generate. The higher the missile is detonated, the greater will be the area devasted by the missile because it will have a greater event horizon. As hard as it is for pampered Americans to grasp, one EMP blast would instantly put a large swath of the USA back in the 19th century as there would be no electric or electronic functions surviving. All airborne civilian airplanes would immediately crash, all computerized hospital and nursing home equipment would crash, all cars made after roughly 1980 would cease to operate, all civilian radio and TV stations would be gone, all transportation systems for food and energy distribution would cease to function. The entire banking industry and Wall Street would be “toast.”

A recent book portrays what would happen if three EMP weapons were simultaneously exploded over the USA. It is entitled, One Second After, and it is authored by William Forstchen. It includes a Foreword by Newt Gingrich, a current GOP presidential candidate, who warns that this threat is real and serious. It also includes an Afterword by a retired US Navy Captain, Bill Sanders, who describes the technical aspects of this very real threat which could potentially happen any time. The book should be read by every American, so more Americans would thoughtfully prepare for such an attack…and survive. The book depicts fictional people and events in a rural North Carolina college community which suddenly finds itself “on its own” when all electricity and electronics simple “end” one day. I won’t give away the book’s contents, but you will be amazed in reading how large a percentage of the USA’s population could die within one year without any electicity or electronics. As Captain Sanders says about this book: “It was an emotional and gut-wrenching read—because it could actually happen.” The East Coast, with its high population density cities and minimal food production, experiences a death rate in this book’s account far higher than you likely imagine possible before reading this book.

Please don’t feel helpless. There are practical ways to protect yourself and electronic components if you simply take advance action to prepare for such an event. The sixth link and seventh link examine how you can prepare to protect your electronic components by building “Faraday Cages” in which to place back-up electronic equipment you will need to restore “fried” components after an EMP attack. All automotive, utility, communications, health care and other vital industries should be making large Farady cages so they have protected equipment to quickly rebuild their systems after such an attack. As far as I know, no industry is doing so. Congress has been warned and has known about this threat for many years as the last two links document. As far as I know, Congress has responded it is usual manner…by doing nothing.

The US military has known about the EMP threat since before the Reagan years. I was told about it by a now-deceased USAF officer in the 1970s. The book notes that Reagan made great efforts to “harden” military electronics so the US military’s equipment and weapons systems could survive such an attack. Apparently, subsequent administrations have not made essential efforts to make sure military equipment is properly protected. I’ll give away one item from the above-mentioned book: It makes its point that the US government has been so complacent about not making sure all essential equipment is “hardened” against an EMP attack by having the US President and his entire entourage being among the first to die because Air Force One was in the air at the time the EMP attack occurred and all its equipment was not EMP-protected. I suggest you read the book, but it is gut-wrenching, indeed. You will never look at our high-tech society the same after reading this book. I’ll also briefly mention that the book is significantly in harmony with the warnings of my Gog-Magog blog as it has a major Asian nation [hint: their capital is Beijing] occupying a large swath of the western USA with its foreign army as the book concludes.

We Americans (and Westerners) live in a Fool’s Paradise, thinking we are invulnerable to attack and that the delicate high-tech systems our lives depend on are oh-so permanent. The fictional book, One Second After, depicts the USA being hit with three EMP missile blasts fired from ships off our coasts. In the real world, we now have reports that Iran is about to station a warship off our coasts and we know Iran successfully test-fired EMP-capable missiles years ago. Do they also have EMP warheads, either produced in Iran or bought from China, Pakistan or Russia? Iran calls the USA “the Great Satan,” so we are their number one target. I hope the US military keeps a very close watch on that Iranian ship when/if it arrives within missile range of the USA, and that assets are in place to shoot down any missile fired from that ship as soon as it is launched to limit the likely EMP damage to the USA.

I hope that readers have read and taken action on my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? Frankly, every American, Christian or not, should make reasonable preparations for themselves and their families, but many Christians have an escapist attitude masquerading as faith which can be summed up as: “I don’t have to do anything, God will take care of me no matter what happens.” The Bible exposes that attitude as dead wrong. When God gives people advance warnings about future calamities, he expects people to take action “or else.” If Noah hadn’t built the Ark after God warned him about a future Deluge, Noah and the human race would have perished. If Joseph had not made prodigious preparations for a seven-year famine about which God gave advance warning, Egypt and its surrounding populations would have starved to death. God has given many advance warnings to Bible-readers that in the latter days, global calamities will occur, so, like Noah and Joseph, we have been given advance warnings and God holds us responsible for being warned. Noah and Joseph heeded God’s warnings and made serious preparations…and lived. What kind of preparations have you made?