Reports of Al Qaida’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. That terrorist group may now be stronger than it has ever been prior to this time. The first link warns that “Al Qaida has formed armies that could spread throughout the Middle East.” It is the Iraqi Foreign Minister who issued that warning. He is worried as the Al Qaida terrorists are Sunni Moslems while the Iraqi central government is Shiite Moslem, making them natural enemies. Sunni and Shiite terrorists have already been attacking each other for some time within Iraq, and the rise of an Al Qaida army in Syria makes the security situation worse within Iraq. The link reports that “thousands” are now in Al Qaida’s initial army structure, and that some of its members have come from Europe and even Australia. This Al Qaida army is apparently looking for a region (or regions) where they can form their own emirates.

The second link reports how far advanced this trend has already progressed. It states that the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a Syrian rebel group backed by western nations, has been defeated by the Al Qaida-led groups and the FSA commander had to flee to Turkey for refuge. The Al Qaida factions have captured a massive amount of military hardware that western nations so naively sent to the FSA even though the true loyalties, capabilities and strengths of the Syrian rebel factions were unpredictable at best. Indeed, it is reported that Al Qaida has now acquired so much military hardware that an Al Qaida army is now forming in Syria which has its own tanks, mortars, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft weapons, satellite phones, night-vision equipment, etc. What if they have also captured some of Syria’s chemical weapons?

This nascent Al Qaida army is now a “wild card” which greatly complicates the situation in the Mideast. If the Syrian rebel groups are taken over by Al Qaida, it will make the Assad regime seem more preferable by comparison. It does seem that the Al Qaida army forming in Syria owes no loyalty to any nation or group. That makes them a risk to everyone in the region. Both President Obama and GOP Senator McCain have been in the forefront of pushing for aid to the Syrian rebels. This makes it evident that a bad idea can have bi-partisan support in Washington, DC.

Al Qaida’s increasing dominance among the Syrian rebels makes a confused and dangerous situation in the Mideast even more confused and dangerous. However, God is in charge of where the nations eventually align in terms of the “latter day” alliances foretold in Ezekiel 38’s very-detailed prophecy. Al Qaida is not a nation, but they are gaining the power to cause much trouble for many nations in the Mideast and affect the actions taken by nations in the region. It is possible that some nations may unite to crush the Al Qaida effort to grow into a Mideast force of its own. If no one is in control of Al Qaida, they could be a threat to all the Muslim nations that border Syria’s now-ungovernable regions. They are already a threat to western nations, the Israelis and any Christians who live in the area.

Just when you think the dangerous situation in the Mideast can’t get much worse, it gets worse.