This post has some amazing information in it. My thanks to a reader for alerting me to this issue. The first link, from WorldNetDaily, reports that there are secret “side deals” regarding the Iranian nuclear deal which the American people will not be allowed to see. Indeed, Secretary of State Kerry and Secretary of Energy Moniz, the lead US negotiators of the deal, have admitted that even they haven’t actually read the texts of these side deals yet. Congress hasn’t read these secret side deals either. The first link also has video clips of Secretary Kerry’s testimony before Congress on this subject, and there are many very interesting links on the right-hand side of the main story in that first link that are worthy of your attention.

The second link, from BusinessInsider, confirms the information in the first link and it is an equally shocking account of the bizarre fact that Congress is supposed to consider and vote on a nuclear deal with an enemy nation when even the USA’s lead negotiators haven’t even read the full details of the agreement!? These “secret side deals” were apparently made between Iran and the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency). The third link offers readers a menu of various perspectives on this amazing revelation.

Let me get this straight. Even the cabinet-level US lead negotiators admit they are asking Congress to vote on a nuclear deal with Iran when neither Executive Branch officials nor Congress has even read the texts of its secret side deals!? This is madness. Iran is an enemy nation which committed an act of war by kidnapping our embassy staff during the weak presidency of Jimmy Carter, who let them get away with it. Iran only let the US hostages go free because Ronald Reagan was coming into office and he was about to make Iran pay very dearly for their crime unless those hostages were released posthaste. Iran calls Israel the “Little Satan,” and wants to “wipe it off the map.” Iran also calls the USA the “Great Satan.” Yet, the Obama administration wants Congress to vote on a nuclear deal with an enemy nation when neither Congress nor the Obama administration’s negotiators have even read the text of all details of the side deals connected to this agreement? Are there other secret side deals that exist which we haven’t even heard about yet? Iran (“Persia” in Ezekiel 38:2-6’s listing of the Gog Magog alliance’s nations), is prophesied to join an attack vs. the USA, NATO and the western world at the end of our age, so it is certain that they will remain an enemy of the USA. And we are supposed to approve a deal with an enemy nation without reading it?

This deal/treaty with Iran should be overwhelmingly defeated by Congress simply for the reason that the Obama administration is nuts to submit such a treaty/deal to Congress when even its own to negotiators haven’t even read the side deals’ texts! This entire process makes a mockery of the diplomatic process and of common sense itself.

Were the Iranians giving “stupid pills” to the US representatives in this nuclear deal negotiations to get the US delegation to ask Congress to approve a deal–the full details of which American officials and the American people haven’t even read yet?

What has happened to the United States of America?