Previously, I did a blog post on the new American X-37B, a space craft which looks like an upgraded space shuttle, and the first copy of which was deployed into a space orbit around the earth. A very interesting follow-up about the X-37B has emerged.

The “secretive” X-37B was launched in April of this year and was orbiting the earth until it “disappeared” from astronomers’ screens on July 29th and was invisible to observers until it reappeared later in August at an orbit that was 30 km higher than its previous orbit and its new orbit also had a different trajectory. These facts reveal some very fascinating possibilities. The fact that the X-37B can change its orbit and its trajectory clearly shows that it is a maneuverable space vehicle with its own propulsion system. This indicates the X-37B can be quickly moved out of any orbit it is in and be vectored into a new position in space rather quickly.

This has huge military implications. It means the X-37B can be a first-rate satellite-killer which can move around space to kill a series of enemy satellites in a short time (or it could protect our own satellites). Assuming the X-37B has a weapons payload (it would make no sense to build it without one!), it may also be able to quickly move into a new position in earth orbit to shoot down any ballistic missiles which Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or anyone else fires at the USA, NATO nations, American aircraft carriers, etc. A ballistic missile has to reach near-space altitudes at the apogee of its trajectory so a maneuverable X-37B could position itself to shoot down ballistic missiles when they were within targeting range of an X-37B. When America has a fleet of X-37Bs, it can always station a few in space continually at various orbital positions so they can quickly detect and kill any enemy ballistic missiles. Recently, I did a blog post about the new Chinese ballistic missile which was built to target and sink US aircraft carriers. An orbiting X-37B with the weaponry to shoot down any ballistic missiles fired from China would afford US carriers a lot of protection.

There is another question about the X-37B’s “disappearance” which bears comment. The fact that it disappeared from astronomer’s viewscreens and reappeared a few weeks later indicates the X-37B has some kind of stealth technology to evade normal detection systems. This means that is may have a deployed form of the new “invisibility” technologies that are being developed and about which I have previously blogged. If it has a new invisibility capacity and it is independently-maneuverable, it begs the question of whether the X-37B can re-enter the earth’s atmosphere to carry out an offensive mission vs. an enemy and then fly back to a space orbit without being “seen.”

As I understand it, if the X-37B had a normal propulsion system, the heat from its engine should show up on infrared scanners even if it has a stealthy fuselage design of some kind. That no one apparently could track it in space while it was “invisible” and moving under its own power argues that the X-37B does not have a “normal” propulsion system. It may have an entirely new kind of propulsion system (ion-drive, matter-antimatter, an ability to “ride” the earth’s own electromagnetic fields, etc.).  It may even have one kind of propulsion system to use in space and another kind to use while in the earth’s atmosphere.

The X-37B may be a new weapons system which is, literally, a quantum leap beyond any weaponry Russia or China has deployed to date. The above capacities of the X-37B should give Russian and Chinese war-planners some pause about their ability to launch a successful attack against either the USA and NATO or the US aircraft carriers. Maybe the USA arranged for an X-37B to disappear and reappear in a new orbit to give an unspoken warning to Russia, China and Iran (the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38-39) that the USA is not as vulnerable as it looks.

Revelation 13 is a prophecy about the beast power when it emerges on the global scene. Verse 4 foretells that people will marvel at its power and weaponry because they will say “Who is able to make war with him?” I’ll bet there is more to the X-37B that meets the eye. I also wonder how many X-37Bs have already been deployed? If they can make themselves “invisible” to normal detections systems, how can anyone really know how many have already been made and deployed? That question might cause some war-planners in Moscow and Beijing to lose some sleep.