For some time, I’ve been thinking of writing a post about the American presidential race and today I’m going to do it. Indeed, I will comment not only on the presidential race, but on the dismally inaccurate performance of major polls in recent national elections around the world. If the “establishment” polls are as wrong in the US elections as they have been in one Israeli national election and two British national elections, Americans may be in for quite a surprise in our November presidential election result.

To begin with, American presidential politics last far too long. Soon after an election, the next race seems to begin. As the current presidential race began in earnest in 2015, the “insider” political establishment (Wall Street, the “inside the beltway” crowd, big corporate donors, and multiple politically-correct entities in the private and public sectors) all thought they had the election already decided in their favor, in my belief. They thought that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee and that Jeb Bush would be the Republican nominee. With two “establishment/ insider” candidates running against each other, the insider bloc would win either way…no matter who got elected. An early tip-off that this was the anticipated outcome was that the early Wall Street/insider donations were going to either Clinton or Bush (first link). As the campaign got going, the establishment all laughed when businessman Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office. Few took him seriously.

As the primaries began to unfold, it became clear that Clinton would win the Democratic election due to the fact that the outcome was all but “rigged” in her favor via having so many “super delegates” who would be delegates to the Democratic presidential convention without having to be elected to that position by any voters. They were insiders who were already linked to or beholden to the Clintons. Socialist Bernie Sanders made a valiant effort against Hillary Clinton and won many state primaries or conventions, but Clinton’s pre-arranged lead was too great to surmount. On the Republican (GOP) side, something remarkable happened. Donald Trump attracted instant and widespread support with his “build the wall” and “make America Great Again” themes. As GOP also-rans fell by the wayside, Trump became a serious force and many of the other candidates and the entire insider establishment united vs. Trump. The establishment voices and the media said Trump would never exceed 25% in a primary and he reached 30%. Then they said he would never reach 35% and he reached 40%. Trump’s rallies attracted audiences so large that they reportedly attracted 20,000-30,000 people. Hillary Clinton seemingly had trouble filling a high school auditorium for her rallies. Then the insiders said Trump would never reach 45% and he won with 50-60% of the vote in a variety of states.

Sen. Ted Cruz seemed the logical conservative alternative to Trump, but he made a huge tactical error. He had campaigned as an “outsider,” but he became the willing candidate of the insider establishments in a variety of state conventions to deny Trump victories in those states’ delegate selections. This won Cruz some convention-selected delegates, but his allying himself to the insider establishments in those states ended his status as an outsider candidate in the eyes of the GOP grassroots. He never recovered from his “Pyrrhic” victories. Gov. Kasich couldn’t win anywhere except his home state of Ohio. The “Trump Train” rolled over all opposition and even a last-ditch effort by the “Never Trump” GOP insiders to manipulate the GOP convention’s rules to defeat Trump failed. Trump easily won the GOP nomination. His acceptance speech was masterful and then he led in some national polls over Hillary Clinton. The insider/establishment system and Big Media panicked, and attacked Trump relentlessly on every possible front. The GOP establishment insiders began to support Hillary Clinton (second link), and former GOP presidents and presidential candidates George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain and other GOP insiders boycotted the GOP convention that nominated Trump. Mitt Romney was so vociferous in opposing Trump he came across as the Benedict Arnold of the GOP. Their petulant actions only added to Trump’s appeal as the “outsider” candidate.

As an aside, I’d like to make an observation on the GOP presidential candidates, based on a biblical principle. At the beginning of the GOP nominating process, each of the many GOP presidential candidates was asked to sign a solemn pledge that they would support the GOP nominee, no matter who he/she turned out to be. Everyone signed the pledge and gave their word…and signed on the dotted line. Psalm 15 asks the question “who shall abide in [God’s] holy hill?,” in terms of what qualities God looks for in people he considers to be righteous people. Verse 4 says one important principle God looks for in evaluating whether a person is righteous or not is whether a person “swears to his own hurt and changes not.” In other words, God regards it as righteous if, once a person gives his word, he/she sticks to it even if circumstances change and it becomes detrimental or inconvenient “to keep one’s word.” How many of the GOP candidates failed that biblical test once Trump became the apparent and actual nominee? Most of them failed God’s test. The only candidates that I am aware of who kept their word and honored their pledge to support Trump, the nominee selected by the party voters, were Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Chris Christie, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, and (eventually) Sen. Marco Rubio. It is possible some of the more negligible candidates did as well and I’m not aware of it. These people passed God’s test in Psalm 15:4. Those who failed God’s test included Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich and former Gov. Jeb Bush. These people were not “men of their word.” Jeb Bush was a spectacular failure in the GOP race. He had a campaign war chest of over $100,000,000 in one article I read, but attracted almost no support whatsoever. In fact, he had a huge and insurmountable obstacle facing him. His last name was “Bush,” and his father and brother had already been president. Overwhelmingly, Americans recoiled from having three people from one nuclear family as being the president of the nation. It violated American’s sense of fair play, and Jeb Bush never had a chance. To paraphrase Churchill in commenting on Bush’s candidacy, it could be said that: “never has so much money been spent by one candidate in so short a time to accomplish so little.”

After the Democratic convention, Clinton pulled into a lead in all the major polls, and some seemed to indicate she had an insurmountably large lead, but something was wrong…very wrong. The polls honesty was in doubt. A subject I’ll examine shortly. However, the huge current issue is Hillary Clinton’s ability to serve as president. She always has had an image of an untrustworthy person in many polls, and the endless stonewalling by her camp on the private server emails, Benghazi, and other issues only reinforced her untrustworthiness. There were rumblings about her failing health as she refused to do a press conference for a very long time, rarely talked to reporters at all, her aides even roped off reporters to keep them away from her, and her campaign events were painfully scripted and choreographed. Then “The Video” went viral. Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 commemoration event and was caught on a video collapsing and essentially either falling into or being supported/dragged into a waiting van (third link). She truly, to me, looks like she has something far worse than pneumonia. Oddly, she surfaced a few hours later walking on New York streets as if she didn’t even have so much as a cold–casting much doubt on her camp’s assertion about a serious pneumonia diagnosis. Then she was determined to be in such bad health that her camp announced that she had to cancel a West Coast trip and several days of appearances. This does not add up. It should be noted that if Donald Trump had had such a collapse, the media would be doing wall-to-wall coverage of it with dire observations about his ability to stay in the race, but since it was Hillary who collapsed, the establishment media has been doing all it can to minimize the event. Look at the video in the third link and watch Hillary Clinton’s feet as she is dragged into the waiting van. If it hadn’t been for two burly guards holding her up, it certainly looks like she would have been face-down on the pavement. Now there is talk on the Internet about whether Vice-President Joe Biden will have to replace her on the Democratic ticket. I don’t know if that is legal or possible. Some states may already have printed their presidential ballots. This could guarantee a Democratic defeat as such an action would be perceived (rightly) as utter chaos within the Democrat party. The last time a major party ticket had to replace a top candidate was when George McGovern had to replace Tom Eagleton with Sargent Shriver as his Vice-Presidential candidate in 1972. The Democrats lost in a landslide in the aftermath of that debacle…and that was for a replacement vice-presidential candidate. If a presidential candidate has to be replaced, the chaos will be even greater for the Democrats.

Recent national polls have now shown Donald Trump surging in the national and battleground state polls. In the wake of Clinton’s collapse due to health reasons, Trump has vaulted into the lead in a number of national polls and has taken the lead in major battleground state polls as well. Personally, I think Trump’s lead is larger than the current polls even indicate. Here’s why.

The major polls have been very wrong for a series of several national elections.  In the Israeli national election, the pollsters predicted that the anti-Netanyahu coalition was either tied with Netanyahu’s coalition or that the anti-Netanyahu coalition was ahead in the Israeli election. All the polls were wrong, and Netanyahu’s coalition won easily (fourth link). Then the United Kingdom had a national parliamentary election and the pollsters all had the election being very close. The pollsters were all wrong again as the Conservatives (Tories) won in a landslide (fifth link). Then the British held another election on whether to have the United Kingdom leave the EU in the famous “Brexit” vote. The final polls reported the Remain side would win by 4-8 points. Instead, the Leave side won by 4 percentage votes, meaning the pollsters had all made a huge mistake…again (sixth link). Besides the pollsters being badly wrong in each national election result, there is one critical constant. The pollsters are owned and controlled by the insider/establishment/politically-correct/liberal side of the political camps. All the “liberal”-backed polls predicted far too high a result for their favored candidate or outcome. They all under-predicted the vote total for the conservative/outsider/politically-incorrect side. This pattern indicates an obvious conclusion: that the polls are rigged to favor the liberal/insider candidates. Could this happen in the US national elections too? It appears the answer is yes.

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell has exposed the fact that more than one national poll in the US has been rigged and manipulated by the pollsters themselves to show a higher figure for the liberal/insider candidate, Hillary Clinton, than really exists among the electorate (seventh link and eighth link). I recall a TV panel discussion on Fox News in which Mr. Caddell said a major poll (I think it was the ABC poll, but it may have been one of the other major network polls) a month or more ago was defective as its “internals” showed that that poll included far too many Democrats in its sample-skewing the outcome toward Hillary Clinton). That poll showed a double-digit Clinton lead, but the result was deceptive (I couldn’t find it in a web search, but maybe some readers can do so). The seventh and eighth links report the Reuters poll was deceptively manipulated so Clinton was seen to be in the lead even though the poll’s numbers actually showed Trump in the lead. If past performance is prologue to future performance, we can gauge from the pollsters habitual slanting of polls to unrealistically favor the leftist/insider candidates in one Israeli and two British polls to indicate that American polls are doing the same slanting of polling outcomes that led to huge errors in other national election outcomes. The most recent election, the Brexit vote, had the liberally-favored position’s support overstated by 8-12%! If US polls are being manipulated by even half that amount (as the seventh and eighth link would argue is a reasonable assumption), then Trump is doing 4-6% better in national and state polls that is being reported. The pollsters may have no choice but to report accurate results in their polls soon. If they make another huge mistake in favoring liberal vote totals, their credibility may be permanently smashed.

I think one reason the insider establishment is terrified of a Trump win is that if he appoints honest outsiders to key investigative, intelligence and prosecutorial offices, the true corruption and criminality of the insiders who have run the nation ever since the Reagan years will be exposed for all too see! If Trump wins, expect paper shredders to be running nonstop all over the Washington beltway and on Wall Street, and millions of emails to be scrubbed from government and corporate computer servers and archives. As I have observed in articles and blog posts for years, the current global political/financial system is called Babylon the Great in the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 which states (Rev. 18:3) that the system is rigged to aggrandize the insider politicians and corporate leaders at the expense of everyone else. That prophecy foretells the current system will experience a very hard fall, and that it will be replaced by a new global political/financial system called the “beast” in Revelation’s prophecies. I think one fact is self-evident. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the insider, Babylon the Great system. Donald Trump is the outsider candidate who could potentially tear it down. I make no predictions regarding outcomes, but I will be watching the outcome of this election very closely. I suggest you do so as well.