Steven Collins
June 27, 2007
A reader sent me an item of interest worth passing along to all who monitor this blog. As readers of this blog know, it is dedicated to warning about the formation of a Russian-Chinese-Persian axis which was prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to come into existence in the “latter days” of this age. Ezekiel 38 foretells that this Asian axis will launch a surprise attack against the nations of the latter-day house of Israel,  which are identified in my books as primarily the nations in the NATO alliance of the Western world.
The link below contains an article dated June 20, 2007 by Richard Fischer, Jr. entitled “Chinese Aspects of Singapore’s IMDEX Naval Technology Show.” This rather technical title contains some striking observations near its end. These observations are not likely to ever “see the light of day” on any American media outlet, but they fit perfectly well with Ezekiel 38’s prophecy.
After discussing the visit of a Chinese naval ship to a Singapore trade show, the concluding part of the article states:
    “Asian states that have traditionally been aligned with the United States are watching Washington closely…
    US officials strike some as being perhaps overly unconcerned at the PLA’s increasing ability to target the
    Pentagon’s information systems as well as its carriers and key Asian bases. Even as China’s strength grows
    ever stronger, Washington hesitates…
    The uncertainty created by the comparative weakening in comparison with China of the US forces upon which
    allies rely…leads to dangerous anxiety. Faced with a situation in which they may have no choice but to
    defend themselves without American aid, states…begin to consider deterrent options…of threatening China
    with grievous harm–including but not limited to weapons of mass destruction.” [Emphasis added.]
This is a remarkable commentary about the actual state of geopolitics in Asia! Asian nations close to China do not share Washington’s rather gullible willingness to “trust” the intentions of the rapidly-militarizing nation of Communist China. Notice the words “dangerous anxiety” characterizing the mind-set of American’s Asian allies regarding China’s increasing ability hit America’s carriers and Asian bases. This is likely a reference to China’s rapidly-growing inventory of cruise missiles which can be fired from air, sea and land. Asian nations see that China is developing the ability to wipe out American military assets in a surprise “first-strike” attack. This is exactly what Ezekiel 38 prophesies is going to occur when Russia, China and Iran jointly launch a simultaneous attack on the USA, the NATO nations and their allies around the world. Ezekiel’s prophecy indicates this attack will come long before China reaches the ability to launch a surprise attack on its own. The attack will come when these new Asian Axis nations (and their allies) believe they can jointly take advantage of America’s declining power and hit the West with a “knock out” blow.
The language in the above article also carries a stern warning from these Asian nations to the USA, which could be stated: “Either you wake up to China’s growing military threat or we will jointly or individually ‘go nuclear’ and take other actions to restrain China’s influence in Asia.”  An article at this website on “Japan’s Prophesied Role in Latter-Day Prophecy” examines in detail Ezekiel 38’s prophecy that Japan, India and the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim will create their own security alliance in the latter days which will be either nominally or firmly allied to the West. The above information allows us to see prophecy coming to pass before our eyes.
The blindness of the Bush Administration and US leaders in general to China’s ominous preparations for a future war is more than a little confusing. American leadership seems to want to ignore or deny the obvious facts of China’s hostile actions and intent. Part of this sense of denial, no doubt, is a result of the investment of mega-billions of dollars by multi-national corporations to build manufacturing facilities in China. If the USA and the West openly acknowledged that China is a hostile nation, they might have to “write off” all the investments they have made in China because China will likely nationalize all those facilities in the future when they feel they have leveraged American actions as much as they can. It may be that the USA’s increased friendliness with India and the recent enacting of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)” are vehicles to enable American and Western corporations to build new facilities in more friendly nations in order to prepare for the inevitable time when all Western facilities in China are seized by China and converted to making military goods to use against the USA and the West. In short, the USA’s China policies are either (A) oblivious to the real world dangers, or (B) designed to “buy time” for the corporations to construct back-up facilities outside of China.
Meanwhile, the American public is overwhelmingly ignorant of the gathering dangers in world geopolitics. The USA has just about reached the point of completely exhausting its small current army in Iraq and Afghanistan (even Republican Senators are now saying its time for an exit strategy). America’s incomprehensibly-high debt levels limit the USA’s ability to rebuild its military forces. Asian nations may have no choice but to spend their own money to build up their own military forces rather than rely so heavily on the US military. Maybe that is exactly what the debt-ridden USA wants them to do.