November 8, 2008
Steve Collins
The National Weekly Edition of the Washington Times recently had two cover articles which indicated that publication is seeing the dangers posed by Russia, China and Iran to the USA and the West. This website has long been warning about this danger based on biblical prophecy. The Times, of course, does not use the terms “Gog and Magog”‘ because it is a secular publication which is not biblically focused. However, the dangers posed By Russia, China and Iran are now so glaringly obvious that the secular mainstream press is seeing the danger.
The cover story in the Washington Times’ weekly edition for September 29, 2008 was entitled “Russia, China, Iran on the move in U.S. back yard.”  It dealt with the increasing encroachments of these three nations into Latin American nations, especially Russia’s rapidly-expanding military and energy alliance with Venezuela. This article addresses subjects previously addressed by blogs at this site so I won’t repeat them in this posting (you can find them in the archives of this blog). The Latin American nations most penetrated by the Gog-Magog alliance are Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and, obviously, Cuba. The article noted that Russia intends to build a space center on Cuba. Consistent with this report was a brief mention in the October 28, 2008 issue of USA Today that “Russia will offer Cuba air-defense expertise” and will “strengthen relations between the Russian armed forces and the… armed forces of Cuba.” Are we headed for a repeat of the 1960s Cuban missile crisis?
The cover story of the National Weekly Washington Times’ October 6, 2008 issue was entitled “China Alert.” The article cites China’s “rapid and sophisticated buildup” and that this buildup “involved capabilities for asymmetrical warfare, such as space and computer weapons, that could help Chinese forces defeat a stronger U.S. military.” A related story in the same issue by Bill Gertz (“Ex-Official reports U.S. counterintelligence weak”) mentions that the “most aggressive” spying efforts by Russia and China against the USA “are reaching Cold War levels.” The cover story warns that the USA “needs new weapon systems, including missile defenses and other advanced military capabilities to deter and counter China’s steady buildup of nuclear and conventional arms.”  China is especially building new, state-of-the-art weaponry and has fresh forces while the US military is aging and being worn out by President Bush’s two Asian wars
Usually I try to include news links that I cite in my blogs, but the Washington Times website has deteriorated and its “search” feature has been all but useless in my recent attempts to find any stories by title or author. Therefore, no links are included with this blog.
Is anyone in America or the West paying attention to the increased danger faced by the West? Americans are fed a steady diet of “Bread and Circuses” entertainment events (pro and college sports, celebrity concerts and trivia, etc.) to keep them diverted from the real dangers mounting in world geopolitics. They have been preoccupied with the US presidential election campaign for about two years, and Americans pay far more attention to American Idol programs and endless “fluff” stories about celebrity deeds and misdeeds than they do to things that really matter in world politics. Ezekiel 38 prophesied that it would be so. Ezekiel 38:10-13 foretold that the modern nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” would be materialistically focused on their wealth and assets and oblivious to the military dangers posed against them by Russia, China, Iran and their allies.
Russia, China and Iran have a global battle plan which is being rapidly implemented to place them in a position to openly challenge the USA, NATO and the West militarily. The West seems clueless unaware of the threat or so totally in denial that it can’t face the hard facts. The Bush administration has been so preoccupied with Al Queda, Iraq and Afghanistan that it has failed to notice the far greater threat posed by the new hostile alliance of Russia, China, Iran and their allies. Will a new President Obama see the rising military challenge posed by these nations or will he be so preoccupied with repairing the damaged US economy that he won’t notice the international threats either. We will soon see…