Recently, a large number of American and some Israeli warships transited Egypt’s Suez Canal presumably on the way to the Indian Ocean/Persian Gulf region. The American ships apparently belonged to the USS Harry Truman’s carrier task force. An Israeli surface ship also transited the Suez Canal and an Israeli submarine may have done so as well.

Is this a harbinger of war or just a routine redeployment of vessels who are being sent to the region to allow other American warships a chance to return to their home ports? We do not yet know, but an optimum time to schedule an attack is when one carrier task force is arriving in a region to relieve another task force. That permits a temporary major increase in naval power in a region if an attack is to occur. I’m sure America’s enemies are well-aware of this fact, and they track all US aircraft carrier movements very carefully.

Whatever the purpose of this carrier task force’s redeployment, it is noteworthy that the links below report that “thousands” of Egyptian troops were deployed along the canal to protect the American and Israeli warships from attack during their transit of the Suez Canal. Those who oppose the Egyptian government were upset at this action, but readers need to realize that the opposition forces in Egypt are loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood which is allied to Hamas which is allied to Iran. The Egyptian government is simply acting in its own interests. It quite logically sees that Iran wants to dominate the entire Islamic world, and Sunni Egypt does not wish to be dominated by Shiite Iran. That means that in order to survive, the Egyptian government must ally itself with those who oppose Iran. [You will also notice that some of the translations from original Arabic documents are somewhat jumbled in their English versions.] This could have major implications, as readers of this website know.

President Obama’s anti-Israeli stance is widely-recognized in the world, and Obama has long evidenced a pro-Islamic attitude. However, as the Sunni Moslem nations (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, etc.) who are increasingly threatened by Shiite Iran press the Obama administration to “do something” about Iran, the Obama administration is going to realize an important fact. There are far more Sunni Moslems in the world than there are Shiite Moslems, so the Obama administration will be acting as an ally to the interests of the Sunni Islamic nations if it “does something” about Iran. If the Obama administration ever does decide to “do something” about Iran, it will have to ally itself to the Israelis as well in order to have a coordinated American-Sunni-Israeli solution to the growing threats from Iran. Eventually, this fact will likely be grasped somewhere in the Obama administration. Perhaps it already has. Future events will reveal whether the Obama administration has realized just how big a threat Iran really is.

In conclusion, is the massing of American naval assets in the region facing Iran an indication of an impending military strike or just a routine redeployment? We’ll soon find out. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:6 that the days before his return will be marked by “wars and rumors of wars.” There have been many, many rumors of wars in the Mideast in recent years. As Iran’s military threat to other nations grows, it does seem logical that one of these “rumors of wars” will develop into a real war.

I wish to thank a reader of this website who brought these links to my attention.