Steven Collins
March 19, 2008
The American and Israeli Navies are taking actions to prepare for future major warfare that readers of this blog should find of interest.
The USA formerly had 18 submarines which carried strategic nuclear missiles during the Cold War period. These submarines, called “boomers,” were (and are) a major part of the USA’s strategic military deterrence. However, due to restrictions in an arms limitation treaty with Russia, the USA had to reduce its number of “boomers” to 14 submarines. Rather than mothball four of these very valuable subs, the US Navy converted them into conventional cruise-missile launching submarines. Four of these “Ohio” class submarines were converted into conventional roles which enable them to carry 154 cruise missiles and up to 102 special forces soldiers which can be silently transported anywhere in the world. This is a very good use for these submarines, and their deployment may be a tacit acknowledgment by the US Navy that surface ships are becoming more vulnerable to massed cruise missile attacks (a strategy clearly being pursued by China). The USA’s four, large, cruise-missile carrying submarines can deliver volleys of cruise missiles at an enemy from hidden underwater locations. Presumably, these converted subs could also be used to launch waves of cruise missiles at an enemy surface fleet which was trying to get close enough to US carriers to launch hundreds of cruise missiles at our carriers. These converted Ohio-class subs may be able to give improved strategic defense to US carrier battle groups in such a role. The first link below offers information on this new class of American submarines and the dates of their deployment into the US fleet.
It is well-documented that China is building submarines and surface ships at a rapid pace and that it soon will have more submarines in the Pacific region than any other nation. However, skillfully operating submarines in the world’s oceans is far more complex than simply building them. One does not simply build a submarine, put sailors on board them and expect them to be the equal of American submarines and crews. The American navy has been operating submarines in the deep oceans for decades and it has massive institutional and crew experience in how to successfully operate submarines in the deep oceans. It will take the Chinese Navy years to train its submarine crews to be as skillful as American submarine crews. Even if China obtains help from the Russian Navy to train its submarine screws (a distinct probability because Russia and China are strategic allies), it will take a long time to develop in the Chinese submarine crews the knowledge and experience to rival American submarine crews.
As some readers know, the Israeli navy has already taken delivery of three German-made, state-of-the-art, diesel submarines which are designed to launch cruise-missiles. It is widely believed that after taking delivery of the submarines, the Israelis modified the submarines to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in order to expand Israeli strategic deterrence against their enemies. The Israelis have now ordered two more such submarines from Germany, and their addition will considerably increase the missile-launching capacity of the Israeli Navy. The second link below offers information that the Israelis are attempting to buy from India a far more capable cruise missile than the US Tomahawk. The desired cruise missile, made with Russian technology, can fly about three times faster than a US-made Tomahawk so it is harder to shoot down than a US Tomahawk missile. India obtained this technology from Russia when those nations were on better terms, but India has been moving steadily into the western camp in recent years as China rapidly expands its military forces and Pakistan slides toward possible Islamic radicalism. The third link below adds more information about the Israeli Dolphin-class of cruise-missile firing submarines.
These actions by the American and Israeli Navies confirm that the western nations are also taking actions to improve their own military power even as the rival alliance led by Russia, China and Iran rapidly expands its military power and increases its bellicose pronouncements. The two rival alliances were both accurately prophesied in the Bible to come into existence during the “latter days” of this age. New visitors to this blog are urged to read the article “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III,” available at the Articles link at this website. The Bible reveals many things about the imminent destinies of many modern nations, and you should be among the people who know in advance what its prophecies reveal.,7340,L-3221853,00.html