The first two links below report that the navies of the USA and India recently participated in an annual “Malabar” naval exercise where the warships of both nations practice carrying out a wide variety of joint missions. The second link, from the Sri Lankan media, observes that the “naval cooperation between India and the US epitomizes the long-term strategic relationship between both countries.” The third link reports that an enhanced level of cooperation has been reached between the American and Indian navies. Three members from the crew of India’s new nuclear-powered submarine were allowed to sail for a week on board a US Los Angeles class nuclear submarine. This step confirms a high (and growing) level of trust between the two navies. The fourth link offers details about India’s first domestically-built nuclear submarine.

In previous blogs, I have observed that the strategic alliance developing between the USA and India is not only good for both nations, but is entirely consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 about the rival world alliances which will fight a global World War III at the end of this age. India is deeply threatened by the Chinese-Pakistani alliance, and it needs an alliance with another nuclear power to balance the combined nuclear and military power of Pakistan and China. Russia is a strategic ally of China so the USA is really India’s only real option for a major strategic partner. The USA also needs India because of the USA’s growing rivalry with China. Modern geopolitics are strongly moving India and the USA into a strategic alliance.

Ezekiel 38 lists the attacking Gog-Magog alliance will include such nations as Russia, China, Iran and the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The word translated “Ethiopia” in verse 5 of some Bible versions actually comes from the word “Cush” which designates the region of the Hindu Kush Mountains which straddles Afghanistan and Pakistan and is the home of strong anti-American, pro-Taliban sentiment.  My article, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy, details why I believe the nations of Japan, India and the “young tiger” nations such as South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. will not be a part of the Gog-Magog alliance. The closer that the USA and India become in their military and strategic cooperation, the more right those identifications appear to be. This also shows that the Creator God who inspired the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy approximately 2500 years ago is guiding modern geopolitical alliances to precisely fulfill his ancient prophecies. Isaiah 41:21-26 asserts that God’s ability to fulfill his ancient prophecies is one of the strongest proofs of his Divine, albeit invisible, reality and his complete sovereignty over the nations.