This blog is for the purpose of passing on a couple pieces of evidence that the current recession is not only continuing in America, but is also still a global reality. The “happy talk” on the establishment media mostly focuses on the rising Wall Street stock prices, but I do wonder how much of that rise is due to the unprecedentedly-large bailouts directed by the US government and the Federal Reserve Board to large Wall Street institutions.

The first link below confirms the recession is still very deep on “Main Street” America. It gives the results of a CNN poll conducted this month which found out that, by landslide proportions, the American public is still convinced the US economy is in a recession. Specifically, it reports that 87% of Americans still think the USA is in a recession and about 70% still “say things are going badly in the country today.” As the CNN Polling Director states in the article: “Economists may be speculating the recession is over, but don’t tell that to the American public.” Indeed! The 87% saying the USA is still in a recession do disagree on how deep the recession is. That total is derived by adding the number of respondents who answered pollsters’ questions by saying the US is still in a severe, moderate or mild recession. The poll cites some hard-to-find silver linings in the poll, but with 87% of Americans still believing the recession is continuing, a continued recession practically becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the vast majority of Americans who believe the recession is still occurring will predictably make very cautious spending decisions. Personally, I think the loss of millions of jobs in the current recession is the primary factor in continuing the recession. People who are out of work can’t spend money. Its that simple. Until we see legitimate stories about thousands of employers and manufacturers all over the nation hiring hundreds of thousands of workers to new jobs each month for several consecutive months, I don’t know how anyone can assert the recession is over and be taken seriously.

The second link offers graphic evidence that a global recession is still in effect, despite improving economic numbers in world stock exchanges. Don’t forget that the same massive stimulus efforts practiced by the US government and Federal Reserve Board have been emulated by many governments and central banks around the world. These vast sums in bail-out monies can’t help but boost some economic numbers. Internet media make a convincing case that the recession is worse in the USA, the UK and Europe than in Asia. However, the second link (sent by a reader who chooses to remain anonymous) offers visual and textual evidence that the global recession is still very much alive. It shows photos of a massive “ghost fleet” of merchant ships sitting idle in a location near Singapore because there is insufficient global commerce to keep these ships active. When the global economy was humming, such ships would have been busy hauling cargo all over the world.

The report also cites shipping giant Maersk as saying the slump in global trade is a “crisis of historic dimensions” for the shipping industry, and that global shipbuilders will run completely out of orders for new ships by 2011 if the current crisis continues. Some nations ordering large container ships are cancelling their orders (Iran reportedly cancelled an order for three large container ships). I think it is safe to say that you won’t see the establishment media giving you the information presented in the second link below, but it vital you read it if you want to know the real state of the global economy.

Many of my blogs have focused on the fact that Revelation 17-18 foretells that the current global economic system is fated to collapse at the end of our current age and be replaced by a new, global “beast” system which will emerge from the chaos that will occur when the current system goes belly-up. Revelation 18:11 prophesies that the “merchants of the earth” (emphasis added) will “weep and mourn” at the time of the prophesied collapse because ” no man buys their merchandise any more.” The “merchants of the earth” is a strikingly-accurate prophetic description of the global economy of our time which is dominated by multinational companies who market a vast array of goods and services all over the earth. Keep in mind this prophecy was written about 1900 years ago. Revelation 18:11 prophesies that there will be a dramatic slowdown in global commerce and sales at the end of our age when Babylon the Great’s system reaches its terminal phase. Look at the photos of the idled cargo ships in the second link and ask yourself if that prophecy is starting to come to pass today. I make no predictions about the year that our current global system will collapse, but believers are warned by Jesus Christ/Yahshua in Matthew 24:42 to carefully “watch” world events for fulfilled prophecies which will indicate his prophesied return is drawing near. More and more prophesied “signs” about the latter days have either been fulfilled or are coming to pass.