It is likely that many readers of this blog are unable to receive the H2 channel on their cable-TV or satellite TV systems. I doubt that many readers in non-American markets have local access to this channel. For that reason, I’m letting readers know about what I think is a very interesting program, the episodes of which you can access via the internet.

The H2 channel episode I’m referring to is America Unearthed, which features a host who is a forensic geologist from the University of Minnesota (my own alma mater). It is aired on Saturday nights in my local market. The host is an expert at dating ancient artifacts and separating valid artifacts from hoaxes via the use of high-tech scientific methodologies. His programs state to viewers that what we have been taught about the ancient history of America is wrong–that while Columbus arrived in 1492, many other Old World civilizations were present in the Americas centuries or even millennia prior to Columbus. Programs can be on a wide variety of topics. A recent episode focused on whether Davy Crockett secretly survived the battle of the Alamo by using a “Masonic distress gesture” (both Davy Crockett and the Mexican general, Santa Ana, were Masons). The program’s host is particularly interested in topics that indicate that members of the Knights Templar order (a reported predecessor to the Masons) were present in ancient America to hide lost Templar treasures such as the Holy Grail, gold hordes, etc.

This last week, I watched a re-run of a previous episode, and wanted to bring it to your special attention. It is the Number 10 episode listed in the first link, and this episode’s title addresses possible evidence that members of the lost tribes of Israel were present in ancient America. The episode itself actually focuses on evidence that members of the tribe of Judah were present in ancient America, and scarcely mentions evidence that the lost ten tribes were present as well. Nonetheless, it is very interesting, and those who have read my books will especially find it interesting as it displays and examines ancient Hebrew artifacts which are mentioned in my books as being found in ancient America. The first link will indicate the titles and descriptions of other episodes of America Unearthed, and individual episodes are available for a nominal cost.

The episode in question examines the Bat Creek Stone, the Decalogue Stone from the Ohio River Valley Mound builder culture and surviving field drawings of an ancient (and obviously Jewish) mound in the Ohio River Valley which has since been destroyed. The program concludes that the Bat Creek Stone, which was found in Tennessee and has an ancient Hebrew inscription on it, is a valid artifact dating to ancient times long before Columbus arrived in America. He also examines the Decalogue Stone found in the Ohio River Valley in conjunction with other ancient stones in a burial mound (second link). The Decalogue Stone has the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in the ancient Hebrew letters characteristic of the post-exilic period (after the kingdom of Judah fell and its remaining members were taken captive to Babylon). These artifacts survive to the modern time and both are discussed in my books as well. I agree that these artifacts are evidence of the tribe of Judah being present in ancient America, and they were not made or buried by wandering members of the lost ten tribes. This program has very interesting field drawings of a large multi-acre mound structure which was made in the shape of a nine-candle Menorah and which also included an ancient oil lamp depiction. This mound structure was destroyed in later years, but field drawings by academic figures of the time preserve what it looked like. It had to be made by Jews, as it is a clear depiction of the symbols of the Hanukkah celebration of Judaism. This is clear evidence the mound was made after the events in 165 BC that stimulated the origins of the Hanukkah festival. Clearly, this also was not made by the lost ten tribes, whose Diaspora occurred over a half-millennium prior to that time.

The program very briefly mentions and shows the existence of the Decalogue Tablet in Los Lunas, New Mexico and acknowledges that it is inscribed in Paleo-Hebrew (the older script of the Hebrew language that dated to the times of Kings David and Solomon and the time of the ancient kingdom of Israel–of the ten tribes of Israel). This tablet is powerful evidence that the Israelites did have a presence in ancient America circa 1000-900 BC. I examine this artifact in its historical context in detail in one of my articles, which also includes a photo gallery of the artifact and other inscriptions and scenes from its location. I visited this artifact years ago before it was defaced in more recent times by vandals. That the Israelites were present in ancient North America at a time when all the tribes of Israel were united and formed a very powerful empire confirms that all the Israelite tribes knew about the New World, and many of them could have come as refugees fleeing various captivities and invasions to seek refuge in the New World.

The program, America Unearthed, does not examine ancient American artifacts from a biblical point of view, but rather a scientific, secular perspective. However, it is very interesting as it confirms via scientific evidence that many Old World civilizations, including Hebrew-speaking ones, were present in ancient North America. For those who desire to see these (and many other) ancient artifacts and inscriptions examined in a biblical perspective as well as a perspective involving secular evidence, I recommend that you order and read my books on the mostly-hidden history of the ten tribes of Israel from the time of their patriarchs to the modern era. For those interested in the history of the ancient Americas and Native American tribal histories, my books include much evidence about which Indian tribes either descended from certain Old World cultures or had extensive trade relationships with them. Some of the Native American Indian oral histories offer extremely pertinent connections to Old World and Israelite civilizations. You can begin inexpensively by ordering the over 600-page e-book¬†entitled The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! for just $12.99. Those wishing an even more in-depth examination of the topic can order my 4-book set on the topic (or individual books in the set can be ordered as well). After reading my books, your view of ancient history will be far more accurate and comprehensive than what you were taught in schools. You will also see very persuasive evidence that the Bible is a very accurate record concerning ancient history.