I’m sure many readers are familiar with the lyrics and tune of the famous patriotic song, “America the Beautiful.” However, are you familiar with the story re: the inspiration for this iconic song? Two readers sent me this same video clip today so I’ll take that as a “sign” that this inspirational video clip should be shared with all of you.

The lyrics of this song were written by a British author who was moved at the awesome beauty of America when looking out at the stunning view from the top of Pikes Peak, Colorado. The video gives you the details of how and why this song was written, and it takes you to the top of Pikes Peak to see the same view that inspired this patriotic song. I’ve been in Colorado Springs, and I think I also saw the “Garden of the Gods” rock formation which lies near the base of Pike’s Peak.

The video also mentions the deeply-Christian nature of the lyrics of this song. The truth is that the USA was founded as  a Christian nation by Christian believers, it rose to greatness when its people and leaders were guided by biblical laws and teachings, and the USA has been declining steadily even as our nation has steadily expelled God from our schools, our government and our culture. President Obama was quoted recently as saying that America was not a Christian nation. Any such statement represents a profound ignorance of our nation’s history. If we reach the time when America really does become a non-Christian nation, America’s days as a nation will be numbered. America was blessed by our Creator God with power, a large territory, fertile soil, natural resources, prosperity and victories in war because of the promises made by God to Abraham in the book of Genesis and repeated by Jacob (later called “Israel”) in Genesis 48-49. Those chapters contain blessings about the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, who were destined to become a single great nation and a company of nations in the “latter days” (Genesis 49:1). Manasseh and Ephraim were brothers (the sons of Joseph) and their descendants in the modern world will be found as “brother” nations with a common culture, language and heritage.

The United States of America is that single great and prosperous nation prophesied to be on the earth in the latter days, and the British nations of England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the prophesied company of nations which would be their “brother” nations on the earth in our latter days. The Bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled in precise detail in our modern times. You don’t need to “take it on faith.” This can be proven with many objective facts. If you desire proof that we are living in the latter days, I invite you to read my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” (available at the articles link at my website). If you wish to see abundant evidence that the USA is the prophesied single great nation of “Manasseh” in the latter days, that evidence is contained in my article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, available at my website’s homepage.

The United States of America is a biblical “covenant” nation, whether it knows it or not. It is bound to the biblical  “blessings and cursings” applicable to covenant nations, whether its people know it or not. Americans very much need to know their place in biblical prophecy and repent as a nation to the God who made our nation great before that same Creator God deals with us in judgment instead of mercy.

Enjoy the video!