I found this on Drudge Seems Geithner said the US might be open to China’s call for a new global currency to replace the dollar.

This link shows what happened after Geithner the comment (like you have said, not good for the dollar).




Thanks for sending these items. It does seem apparent that Geithner let slip something he wasn’t supposed to reveal. I also saw on CNN yesterday a report that China had also openly called for a new world reserve currency. If they are saying this much openly, one can only imagine how heated and intense the conversations are getting behind closed doors.

At some point, the USA may no longer have any choice re: the establishment of the new world reserve currency to replace the US dollar. Proverbs 22:7 declares that “borrowers are servants to lenders.” This immutable economic law will eventually trump anything the spinmeisters of Babylon the Great attempt to do to hide their real situations and agendas. At some point, other commodity-producing nations and lender-nations will likely create a new medium of exchange and bypass dollar transactions to protect themselves from the chaos in the US financial system and the US dollar.  Because the USA is now a massive debtor nation, it will have no “say” in the matter. The more the USA goes into debt, the more it becomes a debtor nation and, inevitably, a greater “servant” to the agendas of other nations. As the US government pursues a policy of ever-more profligate spending and bailouts of reckless financial entities, it steadily loses more of its sovereignty to the creditor nations.

It is possible that the dethroning of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency will set in motion the collapse of Babylon the Great and the rise of the prophesied “beast” system (Revelation 17-18). We are living in momentous times.