Steven Collins
July 20, 2008
A reader sent me the link below. It is entitled “Arabs Buying Out Collapsing Western Banks,” and it is from Israel National News. It discusses the infusions of Arab petrodollars which are keeping Citibank, Barclay’s and other western banks afloat financially, and it also mentions the iconic Chrysler building in New York City now is at least partially owned by Muslim Arabs. One can easily understand the concerns of Israelis re: this trend because the USA has been the one reliable friend the Israeli have had on the world scene. As more and more American banks, businesses and properties are bought up or propped up by Muslim Arab financiers, it increases the likelihood that the USA will be compelled to tilt its foreign policies away from the Israelis and toward the interests of its lenders, such as the Arabs. Proverbs 22:7 warns that “borrowers are servants to lenders” so such an outcome is only so many 100s of billions of dollars down the road.
The article also mentions the well-publicized fact that the famous Anheuser-Busch brewery is being bought up by a foreign owner. This trend of foreigners buying up American properties and companies is due to the rapidly-weakening US dollar. The decline of the US dollar was inevitable given the decades-long profligacy in which both GOP and Democrat Presidents and Congresses have borrowed unimaginable amounts of money from foreign lenders. It is now dawning on those foreign lenders that Uncle Sam has no intention of ever paying back his loans (except in inflated dollars which are worth far less than the value of the originally-loaned dollars). This is leading to an “invasion” of foreign money buying up assets in the USA as those foreigners try to buy things of value with their depreciating piles of US dollars.
USA Today, in an article entitled “Europeans eat up bargains in Big Apple” (11-15-07, p. 1B), noted that “Foreigners also are snapping up US real estate and could target US companies if the dollar continues to erode.” The USA Today printed an article five months later entitled “Foreign Buyers snap up US real estate” (4-24-08, p. 1B) in which it mentions that real estate firms are now catering to foreign buyers. A New York agency is seeing many buyers from Britain, Italy, Spain and Russia. A realtor in Atlanta is cited as hiring agents fluent in Dutch, Korean, Farsi and Arabic to cater to buyers in those language groups. Farsi is the official language of Iran so there must be a lot of Iranian buyers. That sounds odd as the USA supposedly has economic sanctions in place against Iran. I guess those sanctions don’t apply when it comes to selling off US assets. The article mentioned another agency in New York caters to Brazilian buyers of US assets.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune on March 22, 2008 mentioned in a very brief article (“Russian firm set to be No. 4 US steelmaker”) that a Russian steel company, Severstal, is buying up one of America’s largest steel plants–the Sparrows Point steel mill in Baltimore, MD. This will make Russia the fourth largest owner of US steel mills. Do you suppose the Russians might be interested in using their ownership of a large American steel mill to gain completive advantages over the US economy and steal secrets that are available to those who provide steel products to US defense contractors?
Given the fact that Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China and Iran will form an alliance in the latter days of our age which will eventually attack the western nations peopled by the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel,  this is a logical additional step in their attack strategy. Those who do not agree that the USA, Canada and many European nations are descended from the biblical ten tribes of Israel are in for a rude surprise in the future. God promised that the Israelite tribes descended from Abraham would become “many nations” (Genesis 17:5), and Genesis 49 contains prophecies re: how to locate them among the nations in “the latter days” (the same time in which the Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack will come). Genesis 48:14-20 prophesies that the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh alone will comprise many powerful nations in the “latter day” world. They will be “brother” nations with a common culture and such a “special relationship” that their latter-day fates are prophesied in Genesis 49 to be intertwined. One more clue: Manasseh was to be a single great nation and the Ephraimites would found a grouping of nations on earth. Genesis 21:12 also prophesied these “birthright” tribes would be known by the name of “Isaac” throughout history. In the Old Promised Land, they were called “the house of Isaac” (Amos 7:16). In their Asian captivity, they were called the “Saka” or “Sacae.” Due to the Roman influence on our records of history, they became known as “Saxons” when they migrated into Europe. The name has remained on them to this day, just as God said it would. God knows which nations constitute the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel and he will shape world events so those nations are the ones attacked by the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38-39. Whether skeptics agree with (or dislike) those identifications is irrelevant. The skeptics don’t control world events. God does.
The biggest holder of US assets is…China. Via its massive holdings of US debt instruments and its physical control over all American factories and assets located in China, China is likely the largest foreign owner of US assets. If the US ever defaults on its T-bonds, China can simply seize ownership over all the US factories, banks and properties located in China. The average American doesn’t realize it, but all those American factories located in China now serve as collateral for all the loans China has made to the USA. Those properties are assets carried on the books of US companies, but actual ownership of those facilities in the future will be decided by the Chinese government, not the USA (keep Proverbs 22:7 in mind when you think about this).
The US flatters itself that it “won the Cold War.” In the short term, it did. In the long term, something else is happening. As DeWayne Hickham, a USA Today columnist observed: “And unless the United States gets its financial house in order, Cold War history might need to reconsider its verdict on winners and losers” (see column “Weakening dollar reflects USA’s fading world status,” 11-13-07). In Deuteronomy 28:12, God told the Israelites that one of the national benefits they would receive if they obeyed his laws was that “you will lend to many nations, and you will not borrow.” God knew that borrowers eventually go into economic captivity and lenders inevitably become dominant. The USA used to obey many of God’s laws and God was acknowledged and revered in our nation’s society for much of our national history. During this time, the USA was a creditor nation with money to lend (or give) to other nations. However, in recent decades the USA has expelled God and his laws from its social, governmental, economic and academic life. The USA has also simultaneously become the world’s biggest debtor nation…by far. Furthermore, the leaders of American governmental, economic and banking institutions think that the solution to “way too much debt” in the past is to create and take on even more debt in the future. That is about as wise as a meth addict thinking the solution to his addiction problems is to buy a bigger supply of meth. 
Judgment Day is in America’s future. I will not predict when it will occur, but it will occur. National leaders will try to sugar-coat it as some kind of “international realignment of currencies” (or some such similar phraseology), but the end result will be that many Americans will eventually have foreign economic and business taskmasters.  Americans could go into a modern form of economic captivity right here in our own land. As a practical matter, I strongly recommend that you apply the wisdom available at the website of Dave Ramsey, a Christian financial commentator who is heard daily on many US radio stations. Those individuals (and companies) who apply his “get out of debt” advice will be able to preserve more personal freedoms than their fellow Americans who will be little more than debt slaves. His website is
The Bible has many warnings about what happens when a nations and individuals take on too much debt. Some of the captivities of the Israelites in the book of Judges occurred when they became captives to foreign taskmasters while living in their own land. It sounds eerily like what is occurring in modern America. If you want to read about these parallels and the invention of debt as a tool to conquer peoples and nations without needing to resort to military invasions, I urge you to read my article “What Kind of Captivity?”, available for free at this website. What is coming to America is not going to be pretty unless the nation repents and turns back to God and the wisdom and practicality of his laws.