President Obama’s interventionist policy in Libya is landing him in some very bizarre relationships and political hot water. Obama ordered the US military to implement a “no fly” zone in Libya after a UN resolution, even though Obama didn’t even bother to consult the US Congress about this action. When President Bush went to war in Iraq, he did seek and receive a vote of support in Congress before doing so. That Obama didn’t even bother to consult Congress on a foreign US military action reveals Obama to be more “interventionist” than president Bush and even displays a contemptuous attitude toward Congress on Obama’s part. That Congress allows this to occur reveals just how weak and craven Congress has become.

However, the “no-fly” zone quickly was revealed to be a charade. Instead of a “no fly” zone, US and allied military planes began bombing and strafing runs against Qaddafy’s grounded planes and armored columns, which meant Obama ordered the US military to enter this Libyan Civil War on the side of the rebels. A true “no fly” zone enforcement would never have allowed such bombing and strafing runs, but would have simply prevented Qaddafy’s jets from taking to the skies to attack the rebels.

Then it was reported by a variety of media outlets that Al Qaeda has ties to the Libyan rebels, which puts the Obama administration on the same side as Osama Bin Laden’s terrorists (see first link and second link). Indeed the third link reports that ties between Al Qaeda and the Libyan rebels “run deep.” Did Obama not know this? Did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not know this? If media outlets knew it, how could Obama and Clinton not have known this fact? This is a truly bizarre foreign policy by the Obama administration. Obama ramped up the war in Afghanistan to supposedly fight Al Qaeda, but it is hard to see that Al Qaeda has any meaningful presence in Afghanistan any longer. The US forces are now fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, a radical Islamic organization that had almost won an Afghan Civil War before the US intervened there many years ago.

Now a report from (see third link below) makes the US policy not only bizarre, but dangerous and reckless as well. It reports that in the back-and-forth battles being waged between Qaddafy’s forces and the rebels, the rebels managed to seize a stock of “at least 2000 artillery shells carrying mustard gas and 1,200 nerve gas shells” which the rebels subsequently sold to Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran’s allies for “several million dollars.” Hezbollah and Hamas, of course, want those Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to use them against Israeli targets in a future war. Hezbollah and Hamas are reportedly trying to smuggle these WMD weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas bases adjacent to Israel. Supposedly, these WMD are now in Southern Sudan. I’m sure Israel intelligence is watching their movements very closely.

Combining the information in the three links below, the Libyan rebels are allied to Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas. Why are President Obama and the NATO leaders intervening on the side backed by Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas? Col. Qaddafy is a quirky and cruel leader, but media reports did indicate his forces had helped the West stop Al Qaeda from using North Africa as a staging ground for their terrorist attacks. So why are we helping the pro-Al-Qaeda, anti-western side? In some civil wars, there is no “good side.” This appears to be the case in the current Libyan Civil War.

The US policy in Libya seems to be best characterized by a phrase in Matthew 15:14 about the “blind leading the blind.” Another scripture that comes to mind is II Thessalonians 2:10-11 that when people (or leaders) refuse to love the truth of God, that God will give them over to a “strong delusion that they should believe a lie.” The leaders of America have been progressively abandoning God and the truths of the Bible for decades. Romans 1:17-22 also warns that those who forget or reject God will “profess themselves to be wise [even as] they become fools.”

There is no evidence that anyone in the elites now governing America fear God or care a whit about the immutable truths of the Bible. Indeed, America’s governing elites increasingly display contempt for God, the Bible and moral values. That being the case, we can expect God, who is true to his word, to give the leaders of America over to “strong delusions” and “foolishness” in their decisions and policies. The fiasco that is American foreign policy in Libya increasingly indicates that this very thing is happening.