AI technologies are making a very rapid entrance into all kinds of digital systems, and it is also well on its way to a prominent military role as well. Do you think this is only in the theoretical planning phase? No…It is already happening. The first link describes a US Air Force program to fly US warplanes with AI “pilots.” An American F-16 has already been equipped with an autonomous AI “pilot,” and it is being test-flown already. The current plan is to construct a force of six F-16s which will have AI piloting systems. The first prototype is already flying and the second link describes and shows an AI-piloted F-16 flying dogfights vs. an F-16 with a human pilot. Current plans are to expand the program to having 1,000 AI piloted warplanes in the American inventory.

This DARPA-conceived project is likely further along in its development stage than is being admitted. For “secret” programs like this, it is typical to release only part of the program’s stage of development and keep most of it secret. This begs the question: Are more types of US warplanes being secretly fitted with AI “pilots” already? Undoubtedly, AI-piloted warplanes will be equipped with the latest in stealth technology. However, I expect one more secret technology will be incorporated into at least some AI warplanes. Well over a decade ago, several advanced nations were developing “invisibility” or “cloaking” technology, and many articles were written about this effort. Then, years ago, the nations developing invisibility technologies stopped talking about their progress and the media ceased further mention of this technology. This tells me that the invisibility technology has likely already been perfected and may even be deployed on some weapons platforms already. I wrote several posts about this technology years ago and the third link cites some of those  posts and how this technology could easily have a role in fulfilling biblical prophecies about how the masses will be deceived in the latter days by fake miracles. At my website,, you can type in the key words “invisibility technology” in the search function at  my “prophecy” blog option and locate all those earlier posts. Coupling AI technology with invisibility technology could make warplanes virtually undetectable and very formidable.

AI “pilots” would have some advantages over human pilots. An AI piloting system would never get fatigued, would need no food, water or oxygen and could withstand much higher G-forces in aerial dog fighting maneuvers than any human pilot could cope with. An AI pilot also could not be blinded by a laser weapon–as has happened already in attacks versus civilian planes. An AI-equipped plane would be able to carry a heavier bomb load and have a greater flight range as it would not need any space for a human pilot, the ejection seat apparatus, flight support systems for a human pilot, etc. Therefore, the plane could carry more fuel and weaponry.

However, there are also several potential disadvantages to having AI piloted warplanes. Will they be able to resist cyber-attacks and jamming efforts being broadcast from enemy defensive sites? How can they be made to be resistant to enemy electronic signals to confuse or hack them? For example, all major military forces have “Identification Friend or Foe” (IFF) software to be able to distinguish friendly weapons platforms from enemy platforms. This is essential so your own weaponry isn’t turned against friendly forces. It would be terrible to have AI-piloted and/or autonomous warplanes successfully hacked by an enemy force which reverses the IFF programming inside our own warplanes. This would cause our own warplanes to open fire on friendly forces as the AI’s  IFF systems could be confused if they were successfully hacked. Another concern is: Are these AI-piloted warplanes being engineered to be invulnerable to an Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon (EMP) which “fries” electronic systems unless they are “hardened” against such EMP blasts. If the AI-piloted planes are vulnerable to EMP blasts, there is no point in building them as they will fall out of the skies as soon as EMP weapons are detonated within range of them. Surely, there will be some warplanes which will have a human pilot as well as an AI-piloting system to ensure a back-up ability to pilot the plane if either the AI system or the human pilot is hacked or disabled. 

There is a biblical prophecy which strongly indicates that a number of military systems are being developed under utmost secrecy. Revelation 13:1-5 is a prophecy about the beginning of the “beast” system’s rule over the world. This “beast” system will take over rulership of the world after the current “Babylon the Great” system is overthrown by a cryptic alliance called “the seven heads and ten horns” in Revelation 17. Revelation 13:4 foretells that the masses will say of the beast’s military forces: “Who is able to make war with him?” This strongly indicates that there are ultra-secret military programs underway or already completed which will not be unveiled until the beast system reveals them when it takes power. II Peter 1:19 states that people familiar with the Bible have “a more sure word of prophecy” than others. When the beast system becomes a reality, you need not be surprised at new military technologies that will be unveiled. Expect it to happen! Some new weaponry may even be hailed as “alien” technologies.

The future is going to get very interesting. More “science fiction” concepts may become “science facts” as the world’s knowledge explosion continues to increase…as was prophesied in Daniel 12:4 to happen in our latter-day times.