While there are other major events that deserve blog attention, I feel readers will want to see a post about the recent presidential debate in the USA — a debate that was an unmitigated disaster for President Biden. This debate was tantamount to a political earthquake which destroyed the Democrats’ plans for the November election. Who wins the presidency has huge implications for all global events as the USA is the leader of the Western World.

Those who saw the debate surely need no convincing that the debate was a debacle for Biden. With no teleprompter to tell him what to say, Biden came across as disoriented, blank-minded and confused. His vacant stares and scrambled verbiage were damning to his political chances in November. There is no need to belabor this obvious point. All I can say is that if I was the family member who was a power-of-attorney (POA) for such a rambling and confused elderly relative, I’d be making an appointment for a professional cognitive examination and I’d be making calls to find openings in a cognitive care home. I know whereof I speak. I was the POA for my parents and had to go through such a process for both my mother and father.

Although there will always be some die-hard political types who refuse to face reality, the vast majority of Americans saw the debate for what it was. The first link and second link cite a CBS News poll that an amazing 72% of Americans now believe Biden is unfit for office. Since CBS is a Leftist news source, this likely represents a “best case” scenario for Biden. One of the links offers further links to a variety of media stories about this stunning poll result. What is remarkable is that there were 28% of the public who were blinded to the obvious or simply weren’t paying attention to the actual debate.

The third link cites a CNN poll that resulted in respondents saying, by a 67-33% margin, that Trump won the debate. CNN is a very Leftist media outlet, so for them to acknowledge a lopsided Trump win is truly remarkable. The fourth link reveals that nearly half of Democrats believe Biden should not run for president again. The fourth link cites Mother Jones, another Leftist media outlet.

You will notice that the above poll results were from Leftist media sources. Conservative media polls would likely show an even worse political situation for the Biden candidacy. There have been many media programs after the debate where the “talking head” pundits discuss whether Biden should be compelled to drop out of the race or if it is even possible to replace him on the ticket even if the base wants him replaced. This debate was most unusual for another reason: it was held even though neither candidate has yet been formally nominated to run for the presidency by any political party. Both Trump and Biden are presumptive nominees, but neither has been formally nominated as of yet. Whatever the Democrat bosses wanted to accomplish in this debate was dashed as soon as it began. The nation and the entire world saw that Biden could not formulate or express cogent thoughts or maintain a meaningful focus on much of anything. Several talking heads noted that there is a major danger now that both allies and potential enemies around the world know the USA has impaired and indecisive leadership. Who really is running the US government at present? Jill Biden? A coalition of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton and their advisors? No one knows for sure.

It is not clear at this point if the Democrat leaders can replace Biden at the top of their ticket even if they want to do so (fifth link). There seemed to be a consensus among the talking heads that if Biden refuses to voluntarily drop out of the race, he will be the nominee. It will be hard to convince Biden to drop out as doing so would be an admission on Biden’s part that he is mentally incompetent to lead. Even if Biden does drop out, there are many complications. The Democrat Party keeps warning that Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy,” but the Democrat Party’s primary and caucus rules showed that the Democrats are the real threat to Democracy. They structured the Democrat’s nominating process so Biden could have no real competition. RFK Jr. was eliminated from Democrat nominating processes by various convoluted and tyrannical actions. The Democrat delegates from various states may be legally obligated to vote for Biden at the Convention whether Biden stays in the race or not. If Biden drops out, there could be a free-for-all and bitter competition for the nomination–leaving the Democrat Party split and angrily divided against itself. Serious Democrat candidates might reasonably assume that at his age, Donald Trump will serve only one-term and a Democrat will more likely be electable in 2028 instead of this year, in which the Democrat Party is in internal chaos.

While there is no biblical prophecy that will tell us who will win the presidency, I am reminded of a prophecy in Isaiah 3:1-5 about times when a nation is in deep decline and moral decay. I think many look at the modern USA and conclude that our nation is in such a position at this time. The prophecy in Isaiah includes language that nations in such decline have inept and incompetent political, military and religious leaders. I suggest you read that prophecy and see if you think it describes the current state of not only the USA but also Western civilization in general. Our nations very much need national repentance and a return to honoring the biblical Judeo-Christian ethic in our national life. Our survival and our freedoms literally are at risk.

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