Hi Steve,

I was very glad to find your site a few weeks ago. I was reading over some of the past books you sent to me. That was back when you had a biopsy done and it wasn’t healing the way it should have. I still have the manuscript and the book on “The Lost Ten Tribes” and refer to it often.

Thanks again for having your site-which I believe 100%.

Ron and Pansy Duck

Dear Ron,
I’m delighted you found my website. If I may suggest something for readers who are new to my website, you will benefit from reading through the archives of the three topical blogsites as there is much information there that is as useful now as when those blogs were first written.[links to the topical blogs are in the right hand column under “Categories” – Site Admin]
The biopsy surgery that was done on my prostate region over a decade never did heal correctly. I am still in chronic pain from what was supposed to be a “routine” surgery, and cannot sit normally without a special pain-reliving cushion.
My first book, The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! is now out-of-print, but my newer 4-book set on the history of the ten tribes of Israel can be previewed and ordered by clicking on the “books” option at this website’s homepage. The new books have more information than was in the first book, as well as photographs of artifacts confirming the ancient Israelites were in America, many illustrations, indexes, etc.