Did you know that 20,000 American-made M-16s went mising in Kuwait in a most mysterious operation? It has been reported that the weapons were “stolen.” Yeah, right. Let’s look at the facts.
The first link, from the respected World Herald-Tribune, reports that “there were no guards during the break in.” Does it make sense to you that at a time when insurrections and civil wars are breaking out all over the Islamic Muslim world, the Kuwaiti government (or any government for that matter) would have left an armory completely unguarded when it had enough assault weapons (with fully automatic firing capacities) to equip almost two infantry divisions? No guards? Give us a break! It was also reported that 15,000 rounds of 9mm pistol ammo were stolen. We have not been told how many rounds of M-16 ammo or how many 9mm pistols were “stolen.”
The second link gives specifics about the logistics of how such a “robbery” would have to occur. It reports that this extensive operation would have required “a football-team sized group, working all afternoon, and a convoy of vans to have moved 3,000 boxes of these weapons [the M-16s].”  When you consider all the ammo that was no doubt also “stolen” as well, the size of the operation grows even larger.
So we are to believe that the Kuwaiti government, at a time of great danger of civil conflict or wars in Islamic nations, didn’t bother to have any guards at one of its military armories. Not even one security guard with a walkie-talkie? And we are to believe that this massive operation of men and a convoy of unregistered and unexplained vans or trucks travelled to and from the armory and over the street system of Kuwait with no one noticing or bothering to ask any questions? And that they made their “get-away” at an airport or sea-port dock and spent many more hours loading up all this military cargo and not one MP or policeman or airport controller and thousands of observers getting at all suspicious?  This unauthorized convoy of trucks and vans got access to an airport or loading dock and past all security gates and military checkpoints with no one asking any questions? Yeah, right! It is also noteworthy that neither the Kuwaiti or American governments seem the least bit upset about this “theft.”
What really happened? I think I know.
I think that there is no doubt that any operation this large would have had the tacit cooperation and permission of the Kuwaiti and American governments and all of their personnel on the ground. I think the most likely option is that these M-16s were clandestinely transported to the Syrian rebels fighting the Assad government. The Obama administration has been leaning toward providing overt military assistance to the rebels (even though some of these rebel groups are affiliated with Al Queda), but has refrained from openly doing so due to American public opinion and the possibility of provoking more Russian military support for Assad if America supplies weaponry to the Syrian rebels. The third link and fourth link document that it is well-known that many of the Syrian rebels have ties to Al Queda (one link is from 2013 and the other from 2012). Does it bother you as much as me that many of the American M-16s may end up in the hands of Al Queda’s Islamic Jihadis mingled with the Syrian rebels?
I think there is no doubt that all Kuwaiti and American personnel in Kuwait were ordered to “look the other way” while this mountain of weaponry was “stolen” without a soul noticing what would have been a very noisy and time-consuming operation. If M-16s start showing up in the hands of Syrian rebels, I think this explanation will have been confirmed. If this is the correct explanation, I don’t think it has a chance of fooling the Russians, the Iranians or the Assad government who have also seen these reports on the Internet. Expect Russia and Iran, who are staunch supporters of Assad, to be quite angry and take some countermeasures of their own…very likely without any publicity.
If anyone seriously thinks that 20,000 M-16s (and perhaps millions of rounds of ammo stored with them) were “stolen” without anyone noticing what would have been a huge, noisy and time-consuming operation, I think that they are prime candidates to buy some ocean-side property in Nebraska. I doubt anyone in the world’s governments or their intelligence and military ministries will buy the very thin and unlikely cover story that these weapons were stolen. After this story broke, there was a later report trying to minimize the “theft” to consist of perhaps 20,000 M-16 rifle rounds being stolen, not 20,000 M-16s. I’m sure we will not be told the entire story. Either report requires the entire Kuwait government to be oblivious and uncaring about the need to guard its own military armories and equipment. That just “doesn’t add up.”
Did you hear about this story from any mainline American media?