I’m sure all readers have read many articles about the much-publicized “nuclear agreement” between Iran and the USA and other western powers. Since so much has already been written on this subject, I’ll limit my comments to just a few questions, which I think will speak volumes about the usefulness and value of this “agreement.” As a condition for receiving a relaxation of western sanctions, did Iran have to:

A. Agree to never again refer to the USA as “the great Satan,” and to Israel as “the little Satan?”

B. Renounce all statements by previous Iranian governments that it was Iranian state policy “to wipe Israel off the map,” and personally apologize to Israel for having ever made such wildly-warlike statements?

C. Agree to stop supplying Hezbollah, Hamas or any other organization with missiles or any weaponry with which to attack Israel?

D. Agree to stop sponsoring terrorist organizations of any kind anywhere in the world?

E. Agree to publicly apologize to the USA for Iran’s grossly-illegal seizure of the American Embassy (an act of war) during the Carter administration and offer to pay a substantial indemnity to the US government for damages for that act and to the families of all hostages taken illegally by Iran?

F. Agree to allow UN, IAEA, American, NATO or any other international inspectors to have immediate access to any location at which Iran is suspected of conducting nuclear program activities (declared or hidden sites)?

G. Agree that Iran will not import weapons-grade uranium or plutonium from Russia, China, North Korea or any other source, and be willing to have any shipment suspected of having such materials inspected by western sources before their arrival in Iran?

As far as I know, no media source has asked the above critically-important questions about this so-called “agreement.” If the answer to each of the above questions is “no,” then the “agreement” reached between Iran and the USA and other western powers is a farce and a joke. It allows Iran to have sanctions lifted to a degree while Iran gives essentially nothing meaningful in return. This looks more like a “surrender” to Iran on the part of the USA than any useful “agreement.”  I think what we have is that the Obama administration has made such a major botch of things throughout the Mideast and North Africa that it is desperate for any kind of  “agreement” that gives the impression that it has accomplished something. However, if the answers to the above questions are all “no,” then the Obama administration got nothing significant from Iran in this “agreement.” Iran will likely comply with reduced uranium enrichment at a few “show” sites while pursuing weapons-grade uranium enrichment at their hidden and secure sites buried under Iranian mountains.

Finally, as readers of this blog know, Iran is named as an ally of Russia, China, and the other nations of the latter-day Gog-Magog alliance in the biblical prophecy found in Ezekiel 38-39. Iran is listed as “Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5. Nothing in the recent “agreement” will change or alter that fact.