Like some of you, I’ve seen internet horror stories about the “intrusiveness” of the current U.S. national census. When my census form came, I read through it quickly to see what it asked. My reaction was “what’s the big deal?” There was nothing asked that the government doesn’t already know or can find out quickly if it wants to do so.

I think Christians have a natural tendency in these latter days to have concerns about what “is really behind” each new governmental or geopolitical action. There will be big events, to be sure, in the future, but this census is not one of them. It is a routine Constitutional requirement, and its results are used for apportioning Congressional seats, allocating benefit programs to states and cities, etc.

Romans 13:1-7 tells us that “every soul should be subject to the higher powers.” Completing the census form is a simple citizenship and Constitutional duty. Just fill it out accurately, send it in and relax! For those who wish to read an in-depth biblically-based examination  of a Christian citizen’s duties to God and his human government, I urge you to read my article, Christian Rights and Citizenship Responsibilities. Doing so might save you from a lot of needless difficulties.