December 23, 2008
Steve Collins
Many readers realize that in the time of the book of Judges, the Ark of the Covenant was kept in the Tabernacle at Shiloh in the ancient land of Israel. Today, there is a Jewish settlement called Shilo at that same location. I was there personally in August, 2000, and the view of the surrounding hill country of “Mount Ephraim” is spectacular.
A reader sent me a video clip from a blog done by one of the residents of modern Shilo. It shows the approach to the modern synagogue at Shilo, and I thought I’d share it with readers of this blog. The video gets “grainy” as it opens into the interior of the synagogue so the video clip doesn’t “do justice” to the interior of the building. Inside the synagogue is a replica of the altar which was present in Shiloh in ancient biblical times. This replica altar includes the “horns of the altar” mentioned in the Bible. The Ark of the Covenant departed from ancient Shiloh in the ill-fated campaign vs. the Philistines described in I Samuel 4-6.
Here for your enjoyment is a short video clip of the approach to the modern synagogue built to resemble the ancient tabernacle at Shiloh. Included is the introductory text of the video’s maker.

Here I am walking up towards Shiloh’s main/central synagogue,
architecturally designed to replicate the Tabernacle that existed at Shiloh
for almost 400 years from Joshua’s time until the Philistine invasion, I
Samuel 4.