Steven Collins
May 31, 2008
Sometimes there are very small stories in the media which speak volumes. I think a tiny item in USA Today is one such story as it confirms the profound incompetence of American officials in preserving the nation’s secrets from the Chinese (and, obviously, whatever China steals will be shared with its strategic ally, Russia). 
A tiny, two-paragraph story was on p. 10A of the print version of the 5-30-08 USA Today, and it was entitled “US probes possible Commerce breach.” It relates that on a visit to China by US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez in December, either Sec. Gutierrez or someone on his staff (the story didn’t reveal which as the case) left one of the high-level American delegation’s laptop computers “unattended” while the group was in China on an official visit. US officials gave the information to USA Today, but requested anonymity because the breach is “under investigation.”
Given the many media stories that Russian and Chinese espionage against the USA is now back to intense Cold War levels and given that the Chinese are doing everything possible to penetrate and compromise US information systems (see previous blog about China’s counterfeiting Cisco IT routers and other equipment which were placed in supposedly “secure” US military and defense contractor locations), one would assume any competent US delegation going to China would have all laptops and key informational items under very firm and overlapping custody. Given the constant and intrusive surveillance of the USA by Communist China’s agents, one must assume that all the sensitive and proprietary information on the “unattended” US Commerce Dept. laptop was copied and is now being studied by Chinese intelligence agents. Again, I ask the question: Is anyone minding the store in Washington, DC? Presumably Sec. Gutierrez had a staffer who was in charge of security. Was this person recruited from the Keystone Kops? Has this incompetent soul been fired?
It may not be simple incompetence that caused the US laptop to be inexplicably “unattended” for just long enough, no doubt, for China to have access to it. Given the limitless currency reserves available to Chinese intelligence agencies to bribe US and western officials, this may be a case of intentional treason on the part of someone in Sec. Gutierrez’ entourage. Anyone with a modicum of common sense must realize any sensitive US laptop left “unattended” will quickly have its contents copied by Chinese intelligence agencies.  I hope the US “investigation” into this security lapse by Sec. Gutierrez’s entourage asks tough questions to see if the US staffer responsible for that sensitive laptop was bribed or compromised by a Chinese source.
Recent blogs at this site have documented that two secret Chinese military bases have recently been discovered and no one knows what Russia is making and building in its secret military facilities buried inside the Ural Mountains (also discussed in a previous blog). Given the repeated reports of how easily Chinese intelligence agencies have penetrated US security systems, it seems that Russia and China are winning the intelligence war against the USA and the West. I hope the USA and the West are also having some intelligence successes against the Russians and Chinese, but the above reports do not give much hope that this is the case. Based on their performance, it seems that US officials are too blind or gullible to realize that Russia and China are already waging an economic, monetary and intelligence war against the USA and the West.  
This is all consistent with Ezekiel 38’s prophecy that Russia, China, Iran and its allies will eventually militarily attack the western alliance at the end of our age. Ezekiel 38:10-15 prophesy that the attack of the Russian-led alliance will be a complete surprise to the western nations of the “house of Israel” who have badly neglected their defenses and are not ready for an attack on their homeland (Ezekiel 38:11-12). My books and some articles at this website offer much documentation that many nations in the modern western world are descended from the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel. A word of clarification is needed re: the King James Version translation of Ezekiel 38:14. This verse says that the attacked nations of the ten tribes of Israel will be dwelling “safely” at the time of this surprise military attack by their enemies. This gives the impression that the target nations have nothing to worry about. The Hebrew word, “betach,” translated “safely” in this verse, is often translated “carelessly” or “careless” in other scriptures. This meaning fits the context of this chapter far better than the word “safely,” because clearly the subject of the entire chapter is that the nations of the ten tribes of Israel are not at all “safe” in the latter days. The prophecy confirms that they will be in dire peril because their homelands will be struck at the end of our age by a massive surprise military attack by Russia, China, Iran and the other nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1-6. [For an in-depth discussion of what biblical prophecy foretells how this future World War III will unfold, you are invited to read my research report entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” available at the Articles link at this website.]
The lackadaisical attitude by Sec. Gutierrez’s delegation to China last December is very indicative of a “careless” attitude by US officials concerning the growing and severe military threat posed by the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance (which will be joined by more nations in the future). Ezekiel 38 is being fulfilled in every respect as this age inexorably heads toward its climax in the years ahead of us.