The Jerusalem Post reported recently that “a U.S. diplomatic car allegedly tried running over a Defense Ministry security guard…at an IDF checkpoint in the West Bank.” Furthermore, the occupants of the U.S. diplomatic car (part of a convoy of five U.S. vehicles) refused to show their proper identifications, and Israel’s government was “furious” when the U.S. diplomatic car was also found to be smuggling (?) a Palestinian woman past the security checkpoint. The story cites that the woman was an interpreter, but if that was the case, why did the U.S. diplomats not state this openly to the Israeli security guards at the checkpoint?

According to this report, the U.S. diplomatic personnel acted very badly and the incident was filmed by security cameras. In a meeting about this incident held afterwards, the Israeli Police Commander declared that diplomatic cars which “did not stop and identify [their] passengers ‘immediately’…would not be allowed to pass the checkpoint.” The link below details this and other provocations by U.S. diplomatic cars.

I’d like to add an observation from personal experience. When I was in Israel in August, 2000, I was in a small convoy of two cars driving through the Palestinian West Bank during the night just weeks before the 2000 Intifada broke out. We were stopped at an Israeli IDF checkpoint and were in line with various Palestinian trucks and vehicles carrying melons and merchandise to morning market places. In addition to the security checkpoint personnel, there was also an IDF machine gun in an emplacement aimed down at the windshields of the vehicles approaching the checkpoint. The Israelis have been victimized by so many terrorist bombings, shootings, etc. that they have to be rigorous in their security screenings. Thankfully, one of the rabbis in our convoy was able to identify us as “friendlies” and we were allowed to quickly go on our way.

Having been through an IDF checkpoint in the West Bank myself, these are serious security measures, and I am surprised at the arrogance and disdain the U.S. diplomatic officials showed toward the Israeli security personnel. While the article cites one incident which occurred between U.S. diplomatic cars and Israeli checkpoint personnel during the Bush administration, it appears most have occurred recently during the Obama administration. There has to be a high level of arrogance and disdain toward the Israelis for a U.S. diplomatic car to try and run over an Israeli security guard. I doubt the driver would have been emboldened to do that on his own unless the U.S. diplomats in the car had fostered a clearly anti-Israeli atmosphere inside the car.

These incidents signal a distinct worsening of US-Israeli relations. President Obama seems to be quite unfavorable toward Israelis/Jews. Perhaps it is President Obama’s Muslim boyhood which causes that attitude. At any rate, that spirit seems to be permeating down into the U.S. diplomatic corps and their employees. Incidents such as this must make the Israelis wonder to what extent can they really trust or rely on the USA. American citizens are very favorable toward the Israelis so Obama, given his declining approval ratings, must be careful in how he relates to the Israelis.

The USA has been a steady friend of the Israelis for many years. If the USA, God forbid, eventually develops a posture of opposition to the Israelis,  the USA will itself incur the opposition of God. Zechariah 12 is a latter day prophecy (the phrase “In that day” refers to the day of the Lord at the end of this age), and verse 3 promises that God will “cut in pieces” those who burden themselves by opposing Judah [the Israelis] and Jerusalem. Indeed, God promises that he will stand by the Israelis/Jews (Judah) and the city of Jerusalem even if “all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Its a pity that American leaders no longer pay any serious attention to the Bible. If they did, they would take warning from it.

Finally, most Americans and Israelis have no idea that they are blood relatives. The Jews are the descendants of the tribe of Judah and the USA constitutes the nation of the tribe of Manasseh in the modern world (a prophesied single great nation in the latter days while its brother tribe of Ephraim would constitute a “company of nations” (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) in the latter days (Genesis 48:14-49:1). My books have abundant secular and biblical evidence supporting these identifications, but you can read the article, The USA in Prophecy, at this website’s homepage for a thorough documentation of America’s hidden biblical identity. If all the modern nations descended from the biblical 12 tribes of Israel recognized themselves as brothers, it would transform the modern geopolitical landscape. They might also treat each other better at Israeli checkpoints.