As this post is written, the earth is being rocked by a wave of major solar storms this Mother’s Day weekend. The sun has ejected a wave of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) toward earth, and it is already having some effects on planet earth (more powerful auroras, radio failures, likely satellites disruptions (and possibly even lasting satellite damage). My comments will be brief to enable this to be posted and read by as many people as possible.

The first three links offer various scientific perspectives on the possible consequences of these CMEs hitting the earth’s magnetic fields and atmosphere. In those first three links, you will see that the CMEs hitting earth this weekend have caused a “severe geomagnetic storm watch for the first time in nearly 20 years.” One map shows that the regions of the earth affected the most by the first waves of these CMEs were Asia, Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa. Radio blackouts occurred and scientists warned that satellites could be affected as well. If satellites could be damaged by these CMEs, it stands to reason that the internet may also be affected.

I can attest to the above warnings of likely effects. This morning, I was scheduled to participate in a Zoom meeting on the internet with a group of attendees from various nations in the world. The hostess was in the Philippines on a trip, and she is very punctual about time when holding such meetings. Those of us who joined the zoom meeting were by ourselves; the hostess was absent. As the time of her absence passed the one-hour point, we attendees said goodbye to each other and signed off. Later this day (Saturday) I learned about the strong CMEs affecting radio and satellite functions affecting the planet this weekend. Since she was in Asia (an epicenter of the initial wave of the CMEs), she likely experienced an internet/power outage and could not join us on the internet.

You can learn more in the links about the 1859 Carrington Event, a powerful geomagnetic storm that “fried” telegraph equipment in North America and Europe. Telegraph service is a primitive communications technology located on the earth’s surface, but even that primitive technology was “knocked out” of service by that CME. A similarly-powerful CME today could “fry” all kinds of internet and cell-phone technologies that are ubiquitous in our modern world. A very powerful CME could take down the internet, affect GPS capabilities, disrupt or prevent on-line banking services, internet communications, etc. Would it wipe out AI systems and/or controls on AI systems? The links below note that high-orbit satellites are the most likely to be damaged and low-orbit satellites are least likely to be damaged by CMEs. Would we be limited to merely having AM and FM radio service and nothing more? It could potentially get that bad if the CME is powerful enough. These (and other) links advise people to have extra batteries, back-up radios, etc. in case a severe disruption occurs.

In reading the links below, I came away with the sense that this current wave of CMEs, though powerful, will not rival the strength of the 1859 Carrington event. However, there is really no way to retroactively measure how powerful that 1859 event was since there were then no modern instruments which could accurately measure such an event.

Interestingly, in writing about his vision of the latter days of our age in the book of Revelation, the Apostle John saw something which led him to write that people on the earth will at some point be harmed greatly by an event caused by a change in the sun’s intensity (Revelation 16:8-9). Obviously, John had only low-tech words with which to describe high-tech events that will occur in the latter days. He writes mankind will be “scorched” by something which is Divinely caused to happen in the sun’s effects on the earth. John’s wording in the King James Version indicate there will be a sudden increase in the heat emanating from the sun. If the sun had an explosion of heat, it may be caused by or accompanied by an unprecedented CME. John would be hard-pressed to adequately describe what he saw, but there is no question that some great event will happen on the sun that devastates life on earth. Such a huge solar event could potentially destroy satellites, cell-phone towers, all GPS functions, etc. Indeed, what technologies could survive such an event?

Since secular scientists warn a huge Carrington-level CME could wipe out or damage much of the technology we depend on, and since the Bible says such an event is apparently a certainty in the years ahead of us, it would be wise to heed the scientists’ warnings and stock up on what you can…while you can. Consider that even as earthquakes can have foreshocks and aftershocks preceding and following a large quake, what if the wave of strong CMEs the earth is receiving this weekend are merely celestial “foreshocks” of what is to come in the future?

Perhaps mankind has just received an initial “wake up call” about what is coming in our direction in the future.