December 21, 2008
Steve Collins
It isn’t often that a member of the powerful Rothschild family gives an interview about the world financial system, so I’m posting this YouTube video that was aired recently on CNBC-TV.
In the interview, Mr. Rothschild tells us things are “very bad” and that he is “pessimistic.” He adds that he is “ashamed” of the lack of understanding among the current crop of world bankers, and he calls for a “better system” of global finance which would include tighter supervision of the banks’ practices. His tone is so soft-spoken that is easy to miss the serious warnings that he is giving.
It is his call for a “new system” of global finance that is especially important (it occurs near the second minute of the interview). That a powerful global insider is publicly calling for a “new” financial system argues that discussions are already occurring “behind the scenes” to create a new global system of finance and banking. Of course, when he states that there have been unsupervised and reckless banking practices, he is addressing the financial traumas that have been unleashed on the world by the reckless financial practices of Wall Street and the US banking system. I regard his call for greater supervision of the banks as a call for the world to impose stricter controls on the US banking system.
Revelation 17:9-18 prophesies that in the end of our age, the nations will overthrow the world financial system called “Babylon the Great” and replace it with a new “beast” system of global finance and government. This soft-spoken interview with a member of the powerful Rothschild family hints that such a change may be drawing near.
The newt few years could be very interesting from a biblical point of view!