If the Sun was not created till the 4th day then the days before that, how long would have a day been? I mean since the Sun was not created til the 4th day there would be now way to measure the previous days ? I mean the 1st day could have been 24 hours or 25 or a week or a month or a year or even ten million years.
Carl Amaral


Your question is a good one.  Genesis 1:14-19 can be read in two ways: (A) God made the sun and moon on the 4th day or (B) the reference to God making the sun and moon is a reference to God’s original creation of the sun and moon as part of the “heaven” in Genesis 1:1. I adhere to the second option for these reasons.
In Genesis 1:5, 1:8 and 1:13, we see each of the first three days of Creation Week described as an “evening and morning.” There can be no evening and morning portion of a “day” unless there is a daylight and nighttime portion of a 24-hour period of time. For this to happen, there had to be a sun in existence from the first day. Indeed, Genesis 1:4 records that God “divided” the light from the darkness on the first day. This indicates the light and darkness already existed, but needed to be “divided” into orderly segments of a day. If there was no sun already in existence, there would be no “evening and morning” portions of the first three days.
Genesis 1:2 records that the earth was in total darkness before Creation week began, but there is evidence in the Bible that when God first created the heaven and earth in Genesis 1:1 prior to the beginning of Creation Week, there had to be a sun, atmosphere, life on the earth, etc. I believe that was the Age ruled by Lucifer and his angels prior to their rebellion. When Lucifer and his angels rebelled, they rose above the atmosphere of this earth (which had clouds, water vapor, etc.–Isaiah 14:14). Their rebellion failed and they were hurled back to earth (Luke 10:18, Jude 1:6), with violent consequences for the earth. The earth became desolate for an unknown period of time and Creation Week begins with an earth that is already here but in a darkened, flooded state. Creation Week records the story of God’s re-creation of the earth’s surface to prepare it for the creation of our current life forms now on the earth. For a full examination of the Creation events, I refer you to my article “Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?” available at this website.