From a reader:


I would like to ask you a question. I Heard a BIBLE teacher teaching on MATT 2 and speaking about verse 1 and the wise men/ magi were gentiles. This teacher said they were from the country of Parthia; which you teach that they are the lost 10 tribes of Israel. My question for you is do you agree that the magi were Parthians and decedents of the lost 10 tribes? Perhaps you can write a blog post on this subject of the magi.

Thanks Steve

My response:

Dear Andrew,

I apologize for my late response. Your email was not received until tonight due to a computer glitch.

The Magi were definitely Parthians, and they were part of the nobility of that Empire. They were certainly Israelites from the ten tribes of Israel. I have much to say about the Magi and their visit in my audio messages at my website. Click on the “speeches” link at the top of my website’s homepage and listen to any of the speeches about the history of the ten tribes of Israel.