The Asia Times website has reported that the Saudis and Israelis are forming a new alliance in the Mideast (see first link). This makes sense due to (A) their shared mutual threat from Iran and (B) their both feeling abandoned by the USA under Obama’s policies. There is no question that both nations are threatened by Iran’s rising militarism and its nuclear weapons program. The Saudis were already fuming at Obama due to his abandonment of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Obama’s abandonment of his “red line” in Syria. However, both nations are now feeling very threatened by Obama’s recent cozying up the Iranian regime.
Under the principle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” these nations are being pushed together in spite of past differences. The Saudis need to look for a reliable nuclear-armed ally. Russia is out as Russia is a staunch ally of the pro-Iranian Assad regime–Saudi Arabia’s enemy. India is threatened by nuclear-armed China and Pakistan and needs allies itself. China is Russia’s strategic ally and Iran’s ally as well. The Israelis are the only realistic choice, and the Israelis (unlike Obama) can be trusted to not cozy up to Iran.
Such an alliance is consistent with what I have proposed in previous posts when I noted that the intelligence chiefs of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel and Jordan were already meeting regularly. One of my past posts also reported that the Sunni Moslem Saudis and the Sunni Moslem Egyptians had held a joint military exercise in Egypt to practice the reinforcement of the Saudis by the Egyptians if a war broke out between the Saudis and the Shiite Moslem Iranians. While the Egyptian air force could easily reinforce the Saudis by flying across the Red Sea, the Egyptian army’s tanks could only easily reinforce the Saudis if the Israelis allowed them to roll across the Israeli Negev into Saudi Arabia. Reports that high-ranking officials of the Saudi, Israeli and Egyptian nations were meeting regularly made this a serious possibility. The Saudis had to be outraged and very threatened by the take-over of Egypt by the radicalized Muslim Brotherhood which is aligned with Iran more than the Saudis. The Saudis had to feel particularly betrayed by the USA as Obama essentially did nothing to keep Mubarak, a long-time American ally, in power. Obama’s action made no sense on its surface. However, the World Tribune website reported this summer that Obama is actually an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood (see second link). While it seems bizarre, according to that link, Obama’s perceived allies were an Islamicist Turkey, and Islamicist Egypt and the radicalized Syrian rebels. If true, one has to wonder “whose side is Obama on?” It is well-known that Obama was raised as a Moslem and attended an Islamic school in Indonesia in his formative years. I wonder if anyone has investigated to see if that Islamic school (or any early Islamic mentor of Obama) had Shiite sympathies.
If the World Tribune piece was right, the Egyptian military threw a huge monkey wrench into Obama’s plans by overthrowing Morsi and banning the Muslim Brotherhood. This action reinstated the vitally-important but informal alliance of the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Jordanians and the Israelis in common cause against Iran and its Mideast proxies.
Saudi Arabia is taking other actions to protect itself against Iran and overthrow Assad, who is Iran’s Shiite-aligned ally in Syria. The third link reports that the Saudis and Jordanians are working together to arm and train the Syrian rebels, and the fourth link adds that the Saudis are about to take delivery of an unknown number of nuclear weapons from the Pakistani inventory of nuclear weapons. In previous posts, I’ve reported that various internet links indicated the Saudis, who helped finance the Pakistani nuclear program, had the rights to obtain a certain number of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons when the Saudis felt the need to do so. According to the BBC report, it appears that the Saudis are feeling the need to do so now that Obama is cozying up to Iran. 
Many Christians who follow prophetic fulfillments have anticipated that Isaiah 17:1’s prophecy about the city of Damascus becoming a “ruinous heap” would be fulfilled by an Israeli nuclear strike in a future war. That is a possibility, but I would like to point out that such an action is not specifically prophesied in Isaiah 17:1. If the Saudis, who are bitter enemies of Syria’s Assad regime, are arming themselves up with Pakistani nuclear weapons, it may not be the Israelis who turn Damascus into a “ruinous heap” in a future possible Sunni-Shiite war in the Mideast. The Bible doesn’t tell us how that prophecy will be fulfilled, but, ominously, it someday will be fulfilled. A Sunni-Shiite war in the Mideast is a growing possibility, as the fifth link (from USA Today) reports. It states that Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, is expanding its reach in the Mideast at the behest of Iranian interests, which puts it in direct confrontation with Saudi Arabia. The link discusses the growing risk of a regional Shiite-Sunni war.
The Mideast is entering a very dangerous time. Keep watching the Mideast carefully, and if you have benefited from this post at this website, please pass it on to others so more people can be informed about these developments.