This post is about a 14-foot high mega-bot that can do remarkable things. It has just been unveiled by its civilian makers, but it could be adapted for obvious military usages if the US Department of Defense funds such uses. If the US doesn’t fund various military applications for this new technology, other nations, who now know about it, will surely do so.

This new mega-bot is, essentially, a mechanical exoskeleton on steroids. A human pilot can sit in a cockpit amidst the metallic framework of this mega-bot and cause the mega-bot to implement the desired activities via movements of the pilot’s limbs. While looking unwieldy, the two links below relate that this large bot can move in virtual silence and has a top speed reported to be 20-50 mph. That is a wide margin of variance in estimated speed, but the links report that it has not yet been taken out in the desert and turned loose so its makers can know its top-speed. The first link includes conflicting statements that the bot can run at 20 mph and that it can run at 50 mph. Apparently, the story was written by estimates from two different sources about the bot’s expected speed.

This bot would have very obvious military applications. If it can run 50 mph through a desert, think of the infiltration and exfiltration missions it could perform as well as removal of battlefield casualties to rear-echelon field hospitals. Then think how a Special Forces Team could be inserted into a desired position if each member of the team had such a bot to control. If the military took over such a project, they would undoubtedly reduce the size of the bot to make it adaptable to more types of terrain and they would put a radar-absorbing “skin” over the metal framework showed in the links below to make it “stealthy.” If this type of high-speed bot was made to operate in a pilotless mode (like an RPV) via a remote “pilot,” it could be used to rush essential supplies, parts and ammo to critical locations in a battlefield. In a remotely-piloted mode, think of the “suicide” missions it could perform by silently running high explosives toward a desired target at night. If equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) pilot, it could be made to perform in a autonomous mode and carry out an almost endless number of offensive and defensive missions.Keep in mind: This report is about a civilian mega-bot, but it demonstrates what is possible. Perhaps such mega-bots have already been developed by DARPA for the US military, and the projects have been kept secret. When I watched the video about the bot at the first link, I couldn’t help but think that, equipped with weaponry, such militarized bots would look very much like the battle-bots deployed in one of the Star-Wars prequel movies.

The Bible strongly indicates that when the “beast” power replaces the current globalist “Babylon the Great” system at the end of our age, it will be unveiled in a manner where the nations will marvel at its new military technologies and exclaim: “Who is able to make war with him?” This strongly infers that the beast power will deliberately unveil previously-secret military technologies which the nations will find so intimidating that they will submit to the beast’s authority–at least initially. I have long expected that such secret military technologies will include invisibility- and nanotechnology weapons, and new aerial vehicles which do not use jet engines but rather alternate technologies to propel themselves through the air and which have been identified as “UFOs” when inadvertently spotted by civilians for years. There have long been reports of conceptual HAARP-weaponry, anti-matter weaponry, plasma rays, laser death-rays, etc. Who knows what the beast power will fully reveal after the world’s current system collapses, as Revelation 17-18 foretells will occur. The fast, running-bot discussed in the links below could be refined into being one of the beast’s new weapons systems.

This new, cutting-edge type of bot also fulfills the prophecy of Daniel 12:1-4 that “knowledge will be increased” in the latter days of our age–the same period of prophetic time addressed by Revelation 17-18. Can you imagine what the prophet Daniel would have thought if he could have seen the mechanical bot shown in the links below running across the desert at 50 mph? To modern readers, the biblical phrase from Daniel would be better rendered as “knowledge will be exponentially increased” in the latter days (“time of the end”) as the Hebrew word translated “increased” is the same word used to describe how the waters “increased” on the earth during the Flood of Noah’s time (Genesis 7:17)–when the meaning there obviously indicated an unprecedented increase of water was being described.

My thanks to a reader for alerting me to this story.