November 14, 2008
Steven Collins
A major realignment of the global financial markets is drawing nearer. It may be a modification of the current global system of “Babylon the Great,” or it may be give birth to the global “beast” system prophesied in the Bible to hold sway over the earth just prior to Jesus Christ’s return. 
Many media stories will cover the 20-nation “Economic Summit” being held in Washington, DC to overhaul the global financial markets and stabilize world economies. The first link below gives USA Today’s coverage of that Summit. Although it has an entirely “establishment” perspective, it hints that this Summit may lead to major global changes. President Bush’s comments signal only minimalist changes to the current system, but he will soon be replaced by President-Elect Obama, whose entire campaign promised major “change.” Other nations sound more eager for major global changes right now! Russia’s representative called for a “long term perspective” on fixing the global markets, the UK Prime Minister Brown called for more regulations to be imposed on the “world’s 30 largest banks,” and French President Sarkozy wants “international restrictions on executive pay.” China, Brazil and India are reportedly interested in “revamping the world economic system.”
It would be interesting to hear what is really being said behind closed doors at this Summit meeting. Global leaders realize that the world economy teeters on an abyss and they will be far more candid behind closed doors than when they make public statements. Gleaning intentions from the above public pronouncements indicates that while President Bush is trying to defend the current, global “insider” network of Babylon the Great [the globalist alliance of world political leaders and global merchants described in Revelation 18], the other national leaders are “fed up” with the crony capitalism of Wall Street and want a new system. I expect President Obama will side with the global leaders’ position. Economists’ predictions are now admitting that next year will see even worse problems in global finance than this year. Revelation 17:9-18 prophesy that the globalist alliance of Babylon the Great’s political and economic leaders will collapse in the latter days and be replaced by a new “beast” system which will also be global in nature.
One respected financial analyst has gone out on a limb and predicted what the G-20 leaders are preparing to do. He predicts nothing less than the collapse of the current global system of finance and currencies and the unveiling of an new global international system in which the US dollar will no longer enjoy global supremacy. The second link offers the predictions of Martin Weiss’ Money and Markets website/newsletter. Mr. Weiss is periodically seen on both network-TV and cable-TV programs on financial matters. He is not a “fringe” analyst. That this report has been released at his site give dramatic testimony to how close a new global financial system may be to taking shape. Money and Markets predicts the emergence of a radically-new, global economic/currency system which will feature three new global currencies to replace the current US dollar, the Euro and the Yen. China’s Yuan may be a fourth global currency. What is truly radical about the new system will be that all world currencies will be devalued on a 10:1 basis and the new global currencies will be at least partially backed by gold to give the new currencies stability and credibility. This report also predicts the current floating-rate currency system will be replaced by a new fixed-rate system in which nations will be required to practice financial discipline to maintain those fixed rates. The IMF will pay a central role in supervising the new global financial system. For full details on this surprising perspective on the radical changes which could soon be made to global markets, I invite you to read the second link below.
If these changes occur, they will be a powerful rebuke to the US Government and Wall Street which have “waxed rich” via the current system in which they debauched the US dollar even as they relied on the US dollar’s global reserve currency status to cover up their financial sins. The time to “pay the piper” may be drawing near. Proverbs 22:7 states an immutable financial law that even atheists must acknowledge: “borrowers are servants to lenders.” The US government is the “deadbeat” global borrower and the rest of the world are the “lenders” to the USA. I believe the lenders are about to impose financial discipline on the profligate, chaotic financial practices of the US government and Wall Street. For additional insights into how the modern global financial system dominated by Wall Street in New York City may be about to collapse, please read also my new article posted on this website: Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global “Beast” System? The radical and perhaps imminent changes described in the second link below are completely consistent with what I recently wrote in my article. It is possible that we will soon see a major prophecy fulfilled before our eyes.
Obviously, the new global financial system will not proclaim itself to be the “beast” system. Only those who know biblical prophecy will understand that the new global system will fulfill Revelation 17-18’s prophecy about the collapse of one global world economic system called “Babylon the Great” and its replacement by a new global economic system called “the beast.” You can be sure governments will try to sooth the masses by telling them that they have “solved” the problem with their new global system.  It is even possible the new global system being devised by the G-20 Summit will merely serve as an intermediate solution which will ultimately fail to solve the world’s economic system. If so, it will prove to be a desperate extension of “Babylon the Great’s” current system, and the really radical new system of the Beast will be imposed later on an unsuspecting world which will be eager for a new “messiah” who can solve the world’s political and economic problems.
The final, prophesied “beast” system which destroys the current global economic/political system of “Babylon the Great” will be headed by a new global system headed by “seven heads and ten horns” (Rev. 17). This same entity with “seven heads and ten horns” is also described in Rev. 13. This beast system will have great military power (verse 4), will have political dominance over all nations (verse 7), and it will impose a new economic system on the world (verse 16-17). This final world “beast” system will be personally energized and orchestrated by Satan the Devil (verses 2 and 11), and it eventually demand “worship” from the world’s masses (verse 15). This global system will control and deceive everyone in the world (Revelation 12:9) except for those who are so close to God that they see through the deceptions (Rev. 17:8) and realize that the beast system is Satan’s “last gasp” of power before he is dethroned and imprisoned by the return of Jesus Christ and a superior heavenly army (Revelation 19:11-20:6).