When most people think of “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD), they think of nuclear, chemical or bacteriological weapons. However, recent information indicates that China may be developing a whole new class of WMD to use against the nations of the Western world. A March 16, 2007 column by Lev Navrozov posted at www.Newsmax.com reveals that the Chinese are developing a new class of WMD based on the militarization of nanotechnology. 
Mr. Navrozov’s article is entitled “Eric Drexler and China’s Nano-Annihilation of the United States” and it states that: “having developed ‘nano arms,’ China may annihilate the United States without the attacked country’s retaliation.” His article also wonders “why don’t the media outside Newsmax.com as much as mention…the “China threat” today?” His assertion of a new class of Chinese “nano-weapon” seems well-documented. He writes: “As early as June 15, 1996, the Chinese magazine National Defense printed an article by Maj. Gen. Sun Bailin of the Academy of Military Science under the title “Nano Weapons in Future Warfare. The last sentence of the article (written in 1996!) reads: ‘Nanotechnology will certainly become a crucial military technology of the 21st century.'” Amazing! A top Chinese general wrote eleven years ago about Chinese intentions to weaponize nanotechnology. Have you heard anything about it in the media? I doubt it. American news media seem to be increasingly devoted to covering fluff, celebrity issues and sensationalized crime stories.
I recommend readers check the archives of Mr. Navrazov’s columns at the newsmax.com website to read his entire article. In theory, some kind of nanotechnology “bomb” could be exploded in a target nation’s atmosphere and it would spread millions of “nanobots” which would be fatal or crippling if inhaled by any breathing human. Perhaps they could be secretly added to a city water supply as well.
Nanotechnology is being studied by Western scientists as well. A March, 2007 article in Readers’ Digest entitled “Nano-Knitters for Nerves,” described how researchers are trying to develop nanotechnology to repair brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. So this field has peaceful applications as well as military ones. Any reader could do a websearch to find any number of articles about nanotechnology research.
If China was attempting to develop a nano-weapon to use against the USA, as Mr. Navrazov’s article indicates, China would certainly seek to obtain whatever information it could about the genome characteristics of its target population in order to very specifically target only those it intends to kill or harm. Is there evidence that China could be doing this? Perhaps there is. An article in the February, 2007 issue of Discover magazine by David Ewing Duncan entitled “The Discover Interview: Francis Collins,” discussed the Christian beliefs of a dedicated scientist named Francis Collins, Mr. Collins is known for his work on the human genome project. He perhaps knows as much about DNA research as anyone today. As an aside in this article is his following statement about biotech research: “We’ve had intense collaboration with China for six or seven years–Yang Huan-ming, director of the Beijing Genomics Institute, was a contributor to the sequencing of the human genome. China has quickly figured out where they want to go with this, and they’ve done a good job of it.” Interesting. Eleven years ago China planned to weaponize nanotechnology based on DNA/genome research and for the last “6-7 years” they have cooperated with American researchers to gain as much knowledge in the field as possible.
China only “collaborates” with the USA when China is looking to gain something it wants. Otherwise, China does not act cooperatively. A case in point is the adamant Chinese refusal to let its currency rise to a true value in world currency markets. China refuses to cooperate economically with the West because China wants to retain (and increase) its stranglehold on the economies of the USA and the West. Why is China so unusually cooperative with US researchers in research re: the human genome? Is China seeking all the knowledge it can possibly obtain about the human genome in general and about the American population in particular, so it can create a nano-weapon targeted specifically at humans which would not harm other species? 
Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will attack the USA and the Western nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel in “the latter days.”  Ezekiel 38:12-13 indicate that the attackers will want to conquer the target nations in a manner which does not harm the “cattle” (livestock and all animal species used to create and make food and fiber). A nano-weapon could theoretically be constructed which would target human beings for death while not harming the animal species which would be useful to any conqueror in need of massive amounts of food to feed its large population(think China). Revelation 9 has a prophecy about a world war at the end of our age which describes planes, tanks and attack helicopters in ancient verbal imagery (because the Apostle John had to use the words of his time to describe futuristic weaponry which he was seeing in vision). Rev. 9:4 prophesies that a class of weaponry will be unleashed which will harm humans but will not harm “grass,” “any green thing” or “trees.” Specifically, it states the weaponry will hurt “men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.” God will Divinely protect any of his followers from these weapons. However, a weapon which targets humans without harming any kind of plant or flora sounds very much like a targeted DNA/genome kind of bioweapon. A Chinese “nano-bomb” perhaps? Revelation 9:5-6 states that this unusual weapon will cause intense pain for about five months and that “in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it.” This implies that a sophisticated weapon will be unleashed which will either cripple affected humans for up to five months or will be used for five months during the final world war of our age. It makes sense that an attacker would wish to incapacitate a target population without harming any trees or fauna as the attacker wants to use the natural resources of the target nation for itself after the war is over. This sounds like a targeted nano-weapon based on DNA/genome research.
We saw earlier that Western scientists are also conducting detailed DNA/biotech research to develop nano-technology. I’ll bet it has also occurred to Western scientists that this technology could be weaponized. Perhaps Western nations are also developing such nano-weapons to unleash against their future enemies as well. The prophecy in Revelation certainly indicates that the tanks, planes and attack helicopters are being employed by both sides as weaponry in the climactic world war at the end of our age. Why not apply the prophecy about exotic weaponry affecting humans but not fauna the same way? Perhaps both sides in the war are using such exotic weaponry against each other. There also may be other kinds of exotic weaponry being developed about which we now know nothing. No wonder that Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:22 that “except those should days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.” Notice it says “no flesh” would be saved. This is consistent with the prophecy of Revelation 9:5-6 that humans would be targeted, but green things and trees (things that are “not flesh”) would be spared. Matthew 24’s prophecy indicates that neither the attacking nor the attacked nations in the end time would have any survivors if it were not for the fact of Jesus Christ’s intervention in world affairs.
Meanwhile, the media programming of the Western world keeps everyone occupied with fluff stories, “reality shows” and “bread and circus” kinds of entertainment. No wonder Ezekiel 38:10-12 prophesies the attacked nations will be caught by complete surprise when the attack comes
We are approaching very dangerous times.

Steven Collins
May 20, 2007