February 14, 2009
Steve Collins

In recent weeks, I have been amassing many links about the increasingly grim economic news in the nation and around the world, and today I was about to write a blog giving readers an update on those circumstances. One link was sent to me by a reader which reported that the US national debt is now larger than the GNP of the entire world–a situation warning of a fiscal collapse of historic proportions. It does appear that Babylon the Great’s economic system is heading for a global, historic fall (as prophesied in Revelation 17-18). I decided to delay my intended blog after a reader [“Pam”] sent me the YouTube video attached below as a link. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousands words.” If so, there are times when a video can be worth a million words. This was such a time. At least it was for me, and I hope it will be for you too.

The video (about 6 minutes) observes rightly that our nation’s “soul is on the line,” and it decries the loss of jobs to China, greedy CEOs who exploit their workers, corrupt national leaders, etc. However, the video conveys an inspiring message of hope as it calls upon Americans of all races and creeds to return to a cooperative spirit. Particularly moving moments include the juxtapositioning of white and black choirs and a Jew and a Moslem singing together at the foot of Mt. Rushmore in my home state of South Dakota.

However, I don’t want to simply offer you an inspiring video. I want to also give you a plan of action for the future when/if the economic/financial world as we have known it comes crashing down.  Many websites offer “doom and gloom” scenarios about the nation tearing itself apart in the midst of such circumstances. Several readers have sent me a Russian website which expects the USA to disintegrate into several different nations when/if the US dollar falls. Some websites warn of martial law…even though there are so few soldiers left in the USA that they could barely secure more than a few key cities if martial law were declared. Some readers have emailed or called me wondering what to do when/if things collapse, and the link below inspired this blog which offers a constructive plan of action when/if such a crisis occurs.

Readers know that my books and blogs maintain the USA is one of the nations of the latter-day tribes of Israel who never returned to the Promised Land as did the Jews (see my essay: “The USA in Bible Prophecy” at www.stevenmcollins.com). However, I want to make it very clear that I disseminate this knowledge in a racially and ethnically inclusive manner. The USA (and the Israelite tribes) were immensely blessed due to God’s covenant with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (see Genesis 48-49), not due to any “superiority” of their own. Many people from many lands have migrated to America for a better life. It is easy to understand why. God inspired the writers of our Constitution to form a governmental system where people could live freely and honorably and this attracted many people from many lands who fled oppressive kings and governments in other nations. Americans do not need to “fear foreigners.” God allowed a “mixed multitude” of people to be with the Israelites when they left Egypt to go to the Promised Land (Exodus 12:38). Abraham formed alliances with native Canaanite clans (Genesis 14:13-14). David and Solomon formed a close alliance with King Hiram of Tyre (II Samuel 5:11-12, I Kings 5:1, 9:26-27, 10:22). God allowed for people of other races and ethnic groups to merge into the tribes of Israel (Leviticus 19:33-34, Ezekiel 47:22-23). Some people served the God of Israel, but there is no evidence that King Hiram of Tyre ever served the God of Israel, but God blessed his alliance of cooperation with David and Solomon. My point is that you do not need to agree with others on religious or abstract beliefs in order to cooperate on a practical level.

Today, America has many racial and ethnic groups and even diverse religions. Christian/Believers are divided into more denominations and groups than anyone can count. But this blog is a call to all to recognize a common unity as Americans. The enemies of our nation want Americans of all races and beliefs to fight amongst themselves and internally collapse. This does not have to happen. Americans can band together and help each other when/if the economic/monetary world we have known collapses. I wrote the following words in my first book: The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!

“Non-Israelites living in Israelite nations will be affected by the prophecies…applying to the Israelite nations in which they reside…This being the case, the people of each nation, whatever their racial background, will find themselves “in the same boat” as prophecies about those nations are fulfilled in the future. Therefore, all racial and ethnic groups within the modern nations of the tribes of Israel should try to be as brotherly and supportive to one another as possible, fulfilling the biblical injunction “to love thy neighbor as thyself,” regardless of racial origin.” (p. 428)

Whenever the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 about the disintegration of the globe’s economic system does come to pass, it will create a time of chaos before the prophesied “beast” system emerges to form a new global system. It is entirely possible that money as we have known it simply may not “work” in everyday transactions. Global and local currency and banking transactions may cease to function. Wise people will have reasonable reserves of food, water, toilet paper, etc. to tide them over in that kind of crisis even as such stores of essentials are wise in case of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. The video below inspired me to suggest to readers a plan of action in case we live to face a time of widespread economic crisis.

You likely live in an area where your neighbors have not raided or harmed you. In a great economic upheaval, every neighborhood will have to decide whether to cooperate or disintegrate. In many cities (including mine) there are “Neighborhood Watch” groups where neighbors help neighbors. When/if a great crisis occurs, you can reach out to your neighbors to create a cell of cooperation where people pool their resources and help each other cope until the crisis passes. Some people will be homeless, hungry, thirsty or in need of clothing and shelter. In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus Christ warned that such a time would come (this was part of his long answer to his disciples about what would happen in the time just before his return). When that time comes, the Creator will see who is a “sheep” and who is a “goat” in terms of helping others–regardless of their racial/ethnic origin, their demographic characteristics, or their religious affiliation. In a time when people are hungry, they need a meal–not a lecture about the Quartodeciman Controversy or what happened to the “faith once delivered” after the Council of Nicea (or whatever other doctrinal esoterica turns you on). If the power goes off in winter, you can invite some neighbors into your house if you have some kind of back-up heat. People with food in their freezers can pool resources with others who have propane grills to cook it. Such cells of cooperation could expand outward to include ever more people in a ring of cooperation. Even “Chairman Mao” said something right when he said “the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Such cells of cooperation will have to begin by one neighbor calling another and saying: “Let’s help each other and see who else would like to join in.” If thousands of people start such efforts when a collapse comes, such cells can be the glue which literally helps hold the nation together.

Our enemies will expect our nation to disintegrate as “spoiled and selfish” Americans turn on each other in an expected economic collapse. Let’s surprise them and work together. You can also be sure that if our Creator sees people helping each other as he advised in Matthew 25:31-46, He will actively bless those efforts. I also do not want to leave the impression I’m a naive optimist. There will be dangerous places in every nation when/if economic and political order breaks down. Nehemiah 4:13-23 records a time when people worked together for the common good even as they were armed against those who would harm them. However, in most neighborhoods, people will prefer to cooperate than to fight each other. In most cases, you can hold up a loaf of bread as a sign of cooperation to a stranger and make an ally. You can keep your .357 magnum handy in case true criminals show up. If trouble like that shows up, wouldn’t you like to have a dozen or more neighbors with their hunting rifles in their hands on your side? You will, if you have started your cell of cooperation as soon as things go really bad. If cities can’t pay their police forces for a time and you know some police officers, invite them and their families into your cell of cooperation for a time until civil order is restored. Neighborhood cooperation will preserve much order in your local world until general order is restored. If God sees you practicing the principles of Matthew 25:31-46, you can also expect God’s blessing on your efforts. I hope this offers a biblically-based plan of action for readers if “the worst case scenario” happens.

While I hope such an economic crisis does not occur, Revelation 17-18 argues that it eventually will.  Proverbs 14:34 says “righteousness exalts a nation.” If God sees people working together in a future crisis, his resultant blessing can ensure that our nation emerges from that crisis in a far better situation than if people choose an “every man for himself” attitude. Watch this inspiring video and apply its spirit in your neighborhood when/if that time comes.