The animated exchange in the first link below has a humorous explanation of the latest “quantitative easing” program of the US Federal Reserve Board. While it is humorous, it is also very effective in revealing who really benefits from the Fed’s “QE-2” program [hint: it is not the American people]. It also pokes ridicule at the heavily-massaged “official” inflation statistics which bear little resemblance to the reality experienced by people in the marketplace. This little video uses humor to portray what the Fed is really doing. It includes a mention that the Fed is getting desperate and is resorting to “banana republic” financing of the US debt.

On a serious note, the second link gives the real inflation and unemployment rates in the US economy, as reported at the respected and often-quoted website, This website consistently reports that the real inflation and unemployment rates are much worse than the “official” rates which are also shown on their charts. This website reports that the real unemployment rate is much higher than the usual rate reported in the media and that the real inflation rate is substantially higher than the rate reported in the media.  Check out the link to see how bad they really are! Perhaps this is one reason the political elites were shocked at the voter rebellion against Obama’s agenda and so many Congressional incumbents in the recent election. The American people voted according to their experience of the “real-world” unemployment and inflation rates, not the “la-la land” rates reported by the government and cited in the mass media.

These links together give a humorous and serious commentary that things are actually much worse in the US financial system than people are being “officially” told. A huge disconnect exists between the ruling elites and the American voters. The elites thought they had the American people fooled. The powerful emergence of the Tea Party and the results of the recent elections show the American people have woken up to what is happening….and they are angry. This disconnect and the rage building at the grassroots level in America are two more fractures that will eventually bring down the entire global financial system, according to the biblical prophecy in Revelation 17-18. New readers can gain deeper insights into the relevance of that prophecy to today’s world in my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?