Amidst all the recent reports of highly questionable actions by federal agencies in the Obama administration, one federal agency has done a great job on a recent mission and it deserves to be recognized. The FBI has announced that it has concluded a recent operation to combat child prostitution and human trafficking by rescuing 105 children from their captivity and arresting 150 pimps and people associated with this criminal activity in a nationwide operation (first link). I say “three cheers” for the FBI in this operation and I hope their anti-human trafficking division scores many more such successes. This FBI operation is exactly what the American people need to hear: a federal agency that acted to protect Americans and rescue children from the cruel slavery into which they were impressed. I’ll have one more piece of good news later…which also involves the FBI.
First let’s review recent and current news items which have made Americans suspicious of their own government. A 2010 report found that about 80% of Americans do not trust their own government…and that was before the revelations that the Obama administration’s NSA is spying on all Americans on an immense scale (second link). Then there was the revelation that the ATF (a division of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice) was caught red-handed smuggling guns to Mexican drug gangs in the “Fast and Furious” scandal. That scandal reeked of a “false flag” operation by some ATF officials that got exposed.
Then came the bizarre report that the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was targeting mainstream Americans as possible terrorists instead of protecting mainstream Americans from terrorist Jihadis. Napolitano made statements that she identified veterans, Christians, Tea Party activists, people who believed in the Constitution, Ron Paul supporters, homeschoolers, etc. as potential terrorists (third link and fourth link). In my opinion, her statement was one of the most bizarre and chilling statements ever made by any federal official. Her statement must have also alienated every member of the uniformed American military as all of them will eventually be “veterans” as well. Does Napolitano regard every American military serviceman or woman as a potential terrorist once their tour of duty is over and they become “vets?” Thankfully, Napolitano, a loose cannon if there ever was one, is leaving her post by September, but she has done immense damage to the ability of mainstream Americans to trust their own government. Her bizarre statements likely led to millions of guns and a billion rounds of ammo being bought by mainstream Americans.  
Polls have now shown that president Obama is now losing the support of the American people. The Benghazi scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS harassment of conservative groups scandal, Napolitano’s weird rants against mainstream Americans, etc. were bound to take their toll against people’s support of Obama himself. The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Obama now being disapproved by the American people by a  49.1%-44.9% margin (fifth link). However, some polls show a far greater slippage in support for Obama. The Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Obama being disapproved by a 51%-41% margin and The Economist/YouGov poll had Obama being disapproved by a whopping 56%-41% margin. The McClatchey/Marist poll had Obama being disapproved by a 48%-41% margin. Congress’ approval rating is still in the toilet with Americans disapproving Congress’ performance by a 76%-16% margin. Given that statistic, it is a marvel of gerrymandering that anyone gets re-elected to Congress. In an overall ranking, the poll average shows Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track under President Obama and the current Congress by a whopping 62%-29.1% (sixth link).
Given the obviously large and growing disapproval and distrust of the federal government by the American people, the FBI’s noble action in rescuing sex slaves and arresting the evil people who held them in such a condition is very welcome news! The FBI’s action is exactly what the federal agencies should be doing all the time–acting to protect law-abiding. mainstream Americans from criminals and rescuing the helpless from evil oppressors. [Now if the FBI, the SEC and other federal agencies would go after the crooks on Wall Street and in the large financial institutions who have been called “too big to fail” or “too big to prosecute”).
I mentioned earlier this post would offer one more piece of good news, and it also involves the FBI. The seventh link reports that James Comey was approved by a Senate committee to be the next FBI Director. The USA Today reported on July 30, 2013 that his appointment was approved by the full Senate in a 93-1 vote. Mr. Comey is noted for taking some brave action during the Bush administration to prevent it from tricking an ill Attorney General John Ashcroft into renewing a warrantless eavesdropping program by the federal government. Mr. Comey’s past willingness to take aggressive action to restrain the federal government from spying unnecessarily on innocent Americans is admirable. I hope that he continues such efforts and, as the FBI Director, works within the current administration to rein in the NSA’s all-pervasive spying programs.
With all the bad news about actions by the US federal government and the steady breach of trust that is growing between the American government and the American people (as confirmed by the RealClearPolitics polls), the FBI has done a great service to the nation and its people in its recent action. The FBI has conducted an operation that would be strongly approved by Bible-believing Christians (Romans 13:3-4).
A request: would the FBI, which is performing its protective role for the nation correctly, please tell the DHS that Christians, veterans, homeschoolers, Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party activists, and other mainstream Americans are not the enemy?