This is remarkable news! The first link below, from the World Tribune, reports that a remake of the movie “Red Dawn” is being made and it will depict a surprise attack of North America by a combined Russian-Chinese invasion force. The previous “Red Dawn” movie depicted an invasion by Russian, Cuban and allied forces, but the new movie will add the Chinese to the attacking force. Most interestingly, this movie will depict exactly what is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39: an invasion of North America (and Europe) by a Russian-Chinese invasion force with their allies in Iran, Central Asian nations, North Korea, etc.  If you click on the “full text” option at the end of the story in the first link, you will see a review listing the actors and the projected release date of November 24th for this movie.

The movie reportedly “will make both the Chinese and Russians as the enemies” of the USA and its allies. In other words, the movie will tell the cold, hard truth which the US government and the media are afraid and unwilling to tell the American people. I  urge you to watch the second link, which offers a trailer from the new movie. It shows the Russian-Chinese invasion force dropping paratroopers on North America and landing troops in a seaborne assault, as well as a simulated CNN “live” report on the invasion of North America. The third link, from Wikipedia, gives more information about it, and this movie has already experienced delays in getting finished. The first link reports the Chinese opposition to the movie, so you can be sure that China is acting behind the scenes to have this movie stopped. Pray that it gets done and gets released as it would be a tremendous tool to wake up the US people to the real dangers that they face.

Ezekiel 38 prophesies that his invasion of North America will really happen! It will come as an aerial attack (“like a cloud”–verse 9 and 16), and that it will come “out of the north” (verse 15). In previous blogs, I have observed that the most feasible way for Russia and China to attack North America would be for Russian-Chinese special forces to suddenly seize control of Alaskan airports, killing all American personnel at them and beginning a 24/7 massive airlift of soldiers, warplanes and armored vehicles into those Alaskan airports and sending them southward to slaughter Canadians and Americans. Their goal is revealed in Ezekiel 38:12 to seize all our national wealth. They will slaughter many millions of North Americans (and Europeans), and they may desire to keep some alive for use as slaves. American and western women would likely be kept alive for servicing the massive surplus of Chinese males which now exists in China. These Chinese males without women will, I’d bet, eagerly participate in this invasion of North America. Ezekiel 38:9 prophesies this attack will come like a sudden storm. The USA has foolishly sent its military forces to Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere so only a small amount of America’s military forces are available in North America to defend our homeland. Europe will be invaded as well as they are also part of the “house of Israel” attacked in Ezekiel 38 by Russia and China. A blog I did over a year ago revealed that China has manufactured entire classes of armored vehicles to be airlifted long distances on transport planes. Ezekiel 38 reveals their destination is going to be North America via the Alaskan airfields which are just across the Bering Straits from Russia.

The movie trailer below depicts a seaborne landing as well. This could happen as those massive Chinese container ships bringing cheap goods to the USA could, when the attack is planned, be reconfigured to transport not goods, but many thousands of soldiers to make surprise landings on the West Coast of America and start killing as many Americans as possible to sow terror and induce Americans to surrender to slavery. However, Ezekiel 38 reveals the main Russian-Chinese attack will come from the north, which makes perfect sense. It is only a short flight from Russia to Alaska so the Russian-Chinese military can airlift an incredible number of soldiers into Alaska to invade North America from the north. Obviously, Russian and Chinese warplanes will sortie far to the south from seized Alaskan airfields to destroy every Canadian and American military and infrastructure target they can locate. Russian and Chinese subs would take up position in the North Atlantic to try and sink any American carrier task forces coming northward to stop the invasion forces from pouring out of Asia into Alaska. Canadians are mostly unarmed so they will be little more than sheep for the slaughter as the invaders head southward into American soil in a blitzkrieg attack. Civilian Americans are armed to the teeth due to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution so vast numbers of Russians and Chinese soldiers will die when American aim tens of millions of guns at them. China won’t care about its losses. They would happily sacrifice 100s of millions of their own people to achieve world domination (a previous blog of mine cited a Chinese general making such a statement).

As I have said before, I do not know when this event will occur. However, God has declared in Ezekiel 38 that this attack will most certainly occur even if he has to put the thoughts into the Gog-Magog leaders to launch the attack when his timetable calls for it to happen (Ezekiel 38:4 & 10). The modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel have rebelled against God and openly mocked him so God’s “spanking” of his Covenant People will be the Ezekiel 38 invasion of their lands. It is my hope that the “bride of Christ” (his believers) will be absent or protected when this invasion occurs, but none of us has any guarantees on this. With a weak US President like Obama in office, Russia and China might figure an ideal time to attack is when America has a president with no military skills.  Ezekiel 39:21 cites God as saying he calls on all the modern nations of the house of Israel to fight back with their weapons against these invaders. At some point, God enters the battle when Jesus Christ returns (Ezekiel 38:20-39:12), and the Russian-Chinese armies (and perhaps nations) will have 5/6ths of their numbers killed by either God’s action or the weaponry of the defenders.

Get ready, folks. This event is coming. I hope all of you own guns and know how to use them. Teach your families to use them too. Share this blog with all those who you care about. When this movie comes out (if Chinese pressure doesn’t cause the gutless Obama administration to “cave” to China on this too and stop the movie), go see it. While the tactics may not be exactly what Ezekiel 38 reveals will occur, and I doubt the movie will culminate in the return of Jesus Christ, it will be as close to showing Americans what the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy will be like when it gets fulfilled. Maybe God has arranged for this movie to be released to give the Americans a final chance to wake up and prepare for this prophesied event.

I also suggest you join the NRA. There may not be much of the US military left in North America after Russia and China launch their “Pearl Harbor” attack. Civilians may have to band together and defend themselves with whatever weapons they have on hand. I think most Americans will be so enraged at this attack when it happens that they will rather die as free men instead of live as slaves to be worked to death.  Americans of whatever race or gender will have too unite and fight at each other’s side because you can be sure the invaders are coming to kill all Americans, regardless of their racial or ethnic origin.

I wish I had better news, folks, but prophetic fulfillments are bearing down on us. Make yourself as ready as you can.

If you appreciate the biblically-based analysis and information you receive at this website, I hope that you will consider making a donation via the Paypal donation button. Almost no donations have been received during the last three weeks. However, the danger posed by Russia and China to the USA is now so obvious that someone has decided to make a movie showing how real this threat is. That means that I’m not the only one seeing how vulnerable the USA is to a Russian-Chinese invasion. The commander of the eventual Russian-Chinese invasion force likely thinks that he can crush the USA in the opening blow. However, God gives us a bit of good news here. Ezekiel 39:3 gives us God’s promise that not all of the invaders weaponry will work as well as they expect. When this war is over, many millions of Americans, Canadians and Europeans will be dead, but almost all the Russians and Chinese will be dead as well (Ezekiel 39:2, 11-16). We will also see the end of this age and the beginning the millennium on the other side of this war. If you wish to have more in-depth information on what the Bible prophesies concerning this World War III which lies ahead of us, I invite you to read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III [PDF], at the articles link at this website.