February 22, 2009
Steve Collins

Events are moving almost too swiftly to follow them. As governments try to rein in the massive problems which are fracturing the fabric of the current world order, the fractures are spreading too quickly for the nations and global powers to correct them. This blog will pass on to readers some of the growing evidence that a colossal financial/political crisis is inevitable. The world may already have passed the “point of no return” where nothing can put the old world order back together.

The first link is from a website I monitor for perspectives on the global crisis that you will not see discussed in the establishment media. I recommend this site, www.financialsense.com to readers. That site has voluminous links and they do not always agree; however, you can read the links and make up your own minds as to which perspectives make the most sense to you.

The recently-concluded summit of world leaders in Davos was a disaster for the USA, UK and Europe, as the first link notes. It observed that at this summit, the Russians and Chinese were “burying the US alive,” and the “whimpering US-UK-EU bankers have been shamed.”  These statements are strikingly congruent with prophecies in Ezekiel 38 (that Russia and China will be part of the Gog-Magog alliance which will eventually attack the western world) and Revelation 17-18 (that the banking-based, globalist system of Babylon the Great will collapse in the latter days). Revelation 17:16 prophesies that the current globalist system of Babylon the Great which now dominates the earth will be “burnt with fire ” by a group of nations acting to overthrow it in the latter days. If Revelation 17:16 prophesies the current world order will be “burnt with fire,” Russia’s Vladimir Putin came to Davos bearing not a match but rather a flamethrower to light the fire which could consume Babylon the Great’s system. The first link predicts that a new global system will be implemented in January, 2010 which will replace the US dollar with a new global reserve currency (or a “basket” of currencies). Such action would dramatically cut the living standard of all Americans. It could also drastically rearrange political alliances and even national borders around the world.

The second link below is an English-language version of Putin’s speech at Davos. I would like to thank reader “William” for sending this to me. Putin’s speech was versed in diplomatic niceties, but the steel in his proposals was clear enough. His speech reminded me of Mark Antony’s speech in ancient Rome after Julius Caesar was assassinated. Antony said “I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him” even as proceeded to inflame the Romans against Caesar’s assassins who had claimed power in Rome. Putin says he came not to blame the USA, but then proceeded to do just that as he recited the sins of the globalist financial system based in the USA and the West. Putin quite accurately compared the current crisis to a “perfect storm” in the globe’s economic systems as he also stated that “we have so far failed to comprehend the true scale of the ongoing crisis.” Putin proposed replacing the current economic order with a new one. Putin declared the world had to “get rid of virtual money, exaggerated reports and dubious ratings” (a clear slap at Wall Street’s derivatives, corrupt practices, phony economic statistics and the ratings agencies which gave high ratings to toxic “investments”). He also called for replacing the current system of global regulators (an open challenge to Babylon the Great’s global system), and he called for an end to “excessive dependence on a single reserve currency (a clear slap at the US dollar). I urge you to read Putin’s speech.  You will find it enlightening. His speech is graphic evidence that he intends to pull down the current world financial/political order.  Revelation 17-18 prophesies that someone will lead a group of nations to do this very thing in the latter days.

In related developments, the government of Latvia has collapsed due to the economic crisis. A recent blog at this site noted that Pakistan has essentially surrendered swaths of northwest Pakistan to the Taliban. The first link below also speculates that Russia will act to reabsorb the Ukraine into its orbit, wresting it out of NATO’s grasp. Benjamin Netanyahu, a hawk, will form the next Israeli government just as Iran is ready to make its nuclear reactor operational.  Mexico is in a state of internal disintegration (see third link sent to me by another reader of this website). Financial stresses could tear the Eurozone apart. Evidence of the stresses inside the EU include the Czech President (who assumed the rotating national EU chairmanship) comparing the stifling systems of the EU to the old Soviet Union. His speech caused some EU listeners to walk out and others to cheer. Meanwhile the US continues to descend deeper into “Banana Republic” financing as the Congress approved a massive new “stimulus/bailout” bill so expensive (about $800 billion) that its pricetag equates with the entire cost of the Iraqi War to date. As a sign of the panic and chaos prevailing in Washington, DC, Congress approved the bill without even reading it! Then the Obama government announced a new “housing bailout bill” with a pricetag of perhaps $70 billion. In a further sign that unprecedented frustration is present inside the US financial markets, a CNBC reporter on the floor of the Wall Street stock exchange openly excoriated the new housing bailout bill as surrounding traders cheered him on. His almost-revolutionary protest vs. Obama’s housing bailout bill is included as the fifth link below. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s former National Security Advisor, warns about the possibility of “riots” in the future (see final link below). The establishment media is openly discussing possible nationalization of banks around the world.

The current system is coming unglued. Thing are not likely to get better any time soon. It increasingly looks like the prophecies of Revelation 17-18 are heading for fulfillment via the maelstrom of events now unleashed upon the world.