Dear Steve,

I know you are very busy and I do not want to take time
away from you. Though I have a question that has been
bothering me. Do you think there is going to be a fourth
Reich in Europe and if so, will it effect America or is
it true that Russia will invade America? I have been
reading some things concerning prophecy. One group says
that Germany will enlarge it’s borders and another school
of thought says that Russia will invade America. One
group says that Germany will take over the world and
Russia is not involved and then another says that Germany
will just take over Europe and that Russia will invade
America. Please, I am not a prophecy scholar but if you
have any information on some of the events that will take
place in the last days please if you have time to please
comment on what you see happening in the bible. If you
have any links that can help explain this please if you
can send me a link.

Thank you,
Michael Yeager


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your question. I do not think there will be a “fourth reich” in Germany, per se, or that it “will take over Europe.” For that to happen, Germany would need to become a major nuclear power. Britain and France are still nuclear powers and either one could effectively destroy Germany in a few minutes. Russia is not likely to ever tolerate Germany becoming a nuclear power. Germany is well aware of this, and has linked its future to an integrated Europe. It has relied on the US nuclear umbrella for protection and still does. The Bible has no clear prophecies which support the “Germans are going to attack us” viewpoint, and world conditions strongly deny that possibility. Germany could scarcely protect herself militarily now due its major disarmament.

On the other hand, Ezekiel 38 clearly prophecies that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will attack the modern nations of the house of “Israel” and their allies in the latter days of this age (see verse 8 and 16). The house of “Israel” is the USA, much of Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia and more. My book, Israel’s Tribes Today, identifies Germany as the Israelite tribe of Gad, so Germany will be one of the nations of “Israel” attacked by Russia and her allies. This book can be ordered at the book links of this website or at For much more information about the Russian-led attack prophesied in Ezekiel 38, please check out my article entitled What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III, available at this website.