There is an issue about which I have received periodic emails and links for some time, but I’ve held off commenting on it. However, the issue is now so public that it needs to be addressed. The first link below is from, and it details the current status of the question of whether Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen of the USA. This is critical because if he is not, he is not eligible to serve in the White House. As you will see in reading the first link below, this issue is getting much more coverage in the blogosphere, the British media and it even came up in a White House Press briefing recently. You can do a websearch of your own on this subject and find links detailing various lawsuits which have been filed in various courts to determine whether Obama can produce a valid US birth certificate. I recall the first one I heard about was filed by a Democrat during the 2008 presidential primary contests and this Democrat was (if memory serves me correctly) a former Deputy Attorney General of the state of Pennsylvania. That is a person whose credentials should have caused this issue to be taken seriously.

As the first link notes, Obama has not yet been able to produce an authentic Hawaii birth certificate, and that “…at least two reports have cited Obama’s birth in Kenya. Wikipedia also was found to have been reporting on Obama’s birth in Kenya, before a series of scrubs placed his birth in Honolulu.” In a websearch of my own, I found the second link below, which does document that the Wikipedia reports on Obama’s birth have been changing over time. At the very least, this second link verifies that Wikipedia cannot be regarded as an authoritative source on this issue as its information keeps changing.

Another important issue is raised in the third link below, which is dated 7/1/09 and states that “the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear evidence that President Barack Obama’s American citizenship is in question.” This is one of the biggest Constitutional issues in the history of the nation, but the establishment American media has “spiked” the story. The third link also states “that Barack Obama’s original name was Barry Soetoro,” and that “Barry Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid” at a college which was only eligible to be given to students who “claim foreign citizenship.”

Remember the domestic strife which resulted from the deadlocked 2000 Presidential election which was ultimately decided by the US Supreme Court? Can you imagine the situation which will result if the Supreme Court hears this evidence and rules by a 5-4 vote that Obama cannot prove that he is eligible to be President? It would mean all his acts and appointments would be invalid if he was not Constitutionally eligible to ever sit in the White House. Would the election have to be re-done? What if Obama refuses to leave office if the Supreme Court rules he cannot be President? Whose authority will the military and the 50 states recognize in such a crisis? Obama’s or that of the US Supreme Court and the Constitution? Even if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule on the case, Obama steadily loses the credibility to govern as this issue becomes known to more millions of Americans as time goes by. How enthusiastic can the military be to fight and die for Obama’s war policy if Obama’s eligibility to be Commander in Chief is under serious legal scrutiny? If Obama really isn’t eligible to be President and stays in office, Constitutional government as we have known it in America is close to being over.

I do not claim to know the truth on this matter, but serious questions are being raised about Obama’s eligibility to be President that need answers. The third link indicates even the US Supreme Court thinks so. This situation bears watching very closely. To “watch” it though, you’ll have to follow this topic via websearches to find updates on this critically-important story. You won’t find any information yet re: this vital story in the establishment American media, as far as I know. You can obtain a good introduction to the issues involved in this controversy by reading the information in the three attached links.

A final thought. If President Bush had had these same serious issues raised about his eligibility to serve in the White House, I’ll bet there would have been wall-to-wall coverage on the TV about every nuance of the story. That the media has spiked this story so far tells you a lot about the agenda and credibility of the establishment American media. Remember this as you watch the news coverage from now until the Lord returns.