It has been revealed that only a bare minimum of the NSA secrets that were stolen by Edward Snowden have been made known. The editor of the British newspaper, The Guardian, revealed that only about 1% of the secrets from Snowden’s treasure trove of secrets have been revealed by The Guardian (first link). The second link, from the BBC, reports that the British media source has released information from only 28 of the 58,000 documents of Edward Snowden’s in their possession.

Think of that. Released information from just 28 of the documents have endangered global alliances, caused heads-of-state to be infuriated, and have caused German, French, Brazilian and American  citizens to realize they have been spied on en masse by Obama’s NSA. What might the release of the contents of the rest of those 58,000 documents cause to happen? It would appear that we have only begun to witness the bare beginnings of the damage and changes to global geopolitics that Snowden’s stolen NSA documents might instigate. Since it was Obama’s NSA which was doing this global spying, it is President Obama, the NSA, the USA, Wall Street, etc. which stands to lose the most if the rest of his purloined data is released.

Consider this fact. The editor of The Guardian indicated that his newspaper had released only about 1% of Snowden’s stolen NSA information that is in their possession. That means that about 99% of what is in their possession is yet subject to release. However, when Edward Snowden made his dash for asylum with the stolen memory devices packed with the NSA’s most sensitive secrets, he did not fly to London to take refuge in The Guardian’s building. He flew to Hong Kong, which is a special administrative district of China. From there he flew to Moscow and obtained refuge there. That means that The Guardian only has as much of Edward Snowden’s stolen NSA secrets as was released to that media outlet by Russian authorities. Russia (and presumably China) have the entire mass of information that Snowden downloaded from the NSA’s sensitive files. The Guardian itself may have only about 1% of the entire amount of information that is in the possession of the Russian authorities who have all of Snowden’s originally-taken portable memory devices.

The one who is really sitting in the catbird’s seat is Vladimir Putin, whose spy experts are sorting through all of Snowden’s stolen NSA information for all that they can use. I think that we have not yet seen the full extent of the damage that can be unleashed by more of the NSA’s secret information being released to the world. The most damaging information may yet come from the release of the emails, phone calls, etc. between the officials of the US Treasury, the US Federal Reserve Board, and all the big Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, etc., the secretive Swiss banks, the London Metals Exchange, the Comex, etc. Russia and China will be looking for all the information they can on the manipulations of the global financial and commodity markets by these entities. They are likely to release that information when it most suits their purposes. It could also be used effectively for blackmail purposes.

Revelation 17-18 foretell that the global financial/monetary/political system known as “Babylon the Great” will collapse in the latter days just before the rise of the final global “beast” system. [For a detailed description of why the Bible refers to our modern banking-based, global economic system as “Babylon the Great,” please see my article on the subject.]

Wouldn’t it be something if Edward Snowden’s trove of stolen NSA secrets turns out to be the largest heist of insider intelligence information in recorded history and that its revelations (either in the media or behind closed doors) may lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation 17-18? You can be sure Russia and China will selectively release the stolen NSA secrets to key leaders around the world as they see fit. Matthew 10:26 prophesies that a time is coming when all insider and carefully-hidden secrets will be revealed. I’ll bet there are powerful insiders who are dreading the moment that their secrets are revealed to the masses and/or to their counterparts in other nations. Edward Snowden has made that moment possible.

Major unexpected geopolitical, military and economic changes in the world may occur as the NSA’s secrets (now safely tucked away in the Kremlin) are revealed progressively in the months and years ahead of us. Some of these changes are bound to have prophetic biblical significance.